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Things to do in Venice, Italy| Venezia|Italia|Venice sightseeing

Venice – the most romantic city in the world!

Venezia has always been a dream destination. This city is nothing less than a fairy tale and is truly the most romantic city in the world.
From the picturesque Mestre area to the hot-n-happening islands, Venice is a must visit. I recommend spending at least 2 days in the city to really understand the culture of this unique city.
We stayed with the most amazing couple at a BnB in Mestre. Absolutely loved their company and they made us feel at home, spoke to us about Italian culture and told us all the less touristy things to do in Italy. You can check out their Air BnB listing. If you want to get cheap accommodation but a space that will let you live in the local culture, opt for AirBnB and not a hotel.

You can find Venice sightseeing tours on Viator.

The definite touristy things to do are the obvious and can be covered within a day. A trip around the Grand Canal itself showcases the city. We took the water bus very close to the train station and it was a beautiful 40 minute ride to the Zaccaria station.
The husband and I decided to first climb the Bell tower and boy, was that the best decision. We had a beautiful bird’s eye view of the islands and it was absolutely breath taking. We happened to be on top at 12 noon and witnessing the bells ring was magical. St. Marks Basilica and Piazza San Marco were very crowded even on a weekday and the June heat can definitely dehydrate you unite a bit.

What is a Gondola: The Gondola is a Venetian rowing boat propelled by a gondolier who uses a rowing oar.

Gondola Ride
We then did the customary Venice Gondola ride and it was the most filmy dream-come-true experience. I felt like a princess and was happily romancing the husband. Mind you, Gondola rides are quite expensive. Try to shop around a bit and negotiate. If it’s just the two of you, try and find 2-4 others to share the ride with you. It will also help to share the ride with others so you can get some beautiful pictures!
We decided to walk back to the train/ bus station through the narrow streets of the islands. You must definitely factor in time to stroll about the city at a relaxed pace. We grabbed some yummy Pizzas on the way and yes, the food is cheaper if you take it to go.

Pro tip: Any restaurant/ café with seating in Italy is way more expensive (almost 30 % more expensive).

Places in Venice you can’t miss:

  • Piazza San Marco
  • St Marks Bascilica
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Rialto Bridge
  • Grand Canal
  • Murano, the Glass island
  • Burano

Venice is perfect for those traveling to Italy for a few days. Ensure you look book in off-season or shoulder season to get the best deals and actually enjoy the city.
I wish I could have stayed just another day in Venice. But hey, hugsband says we can always go back! <3

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