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Planning a trip to Milan, Italy – Europe's fashion capital

Milan! The Fashion capital of the world. Truly sexy in every sense. Though I found Milan like a typical old European city, with crowded roads and an efficient public transport system, it has a lot to offer!
We stayed in the stylish Brera district in a very chic studio. The Red Metro line was just 100 mts away and the area is very posh. The owner of the apartment was a very kind Italian man who gave us lots of recommendations on things to do & see. We did manage to squeeze in quite a few of those! You can check out the Air BnB listing. Let me run through the wonderful couple of days we spent in Milan:
The Last Supper – This is a must do, but the reservations need to be done well in advance (at least 2-3 weeks before the intended visit). I was lucky enough to be part of a 3 PM guided tour (ask the telephone operator on this) so the guide gave many insights on the painting itself.
Duomo & the shopping district – The gothic Milan Duomo is one of the most surreal sights I have ever seen. The climb up is quite enjoyable and once on top, the views are magnificent. The city, with its mix of high rises and good ol’ buildings, has a wonderful resonance to the word ‘fashion’.

Duomo di Milan
Duomo di Milan

San Siro stadium – This was a by chance visit to the last station on this metro line but the visit was quite worth it. Unfortunately the stadium grounds were shut (due to an impending concert) but the whole tour was quite fun!
Shopping! – Milan is sure the fashion capital of the world but somehow, there is nothing that I do not find any other place in the world. Or maybe I am that kind of a shopper. I’d rather buy something that represents the city than something ‘branded’.
We walked along Corso Buenos Aires & I guess this is one of the nicer places to shop from.

Use Viator! to book interesting excursions and activities in Milan.

Navigli di Milano – Oh my god. The Navigli Grande is one of the most chicest little streets I’ve been on. The buzz is electrifying in the evenings with the whole area flooded with people. But this young vibe is something one must not miss when in Milan. For sure, the restaurants offering a sit down service are a lot more expensive than the ‘take away’ places. The Pizzas and the Beer are just as awesome in any place you pick. I personally prefer walking around with a slice of Pizza than sitting down for a couple of hours.

Dinner by trastevere
Dinner by Trastevere

Trastevere- The husband and I were the happiest when we got down from the Tram at the much recommended Travestre. The entire walk around the river is very warm and I guess best experienced around sunset. The setting of the eateries is very romantic and I had the perfect dinner with lovely white wine with my man in arms. This is a must do for all couples & families heading to Milan.
Do read this post if you are spending 24 hours in Milan written by Parenthood & Passports.
I wish I could have stayed just another day in Milan. But hey, hugsband says we can always go back! <3

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