Traditions – the most beautiful part of Indian culture

Lakshmi Pooja
Lakshmi Pooja

I’ve always been intrigued by how the word Tradition means such different things to different people. In a country like India with 50,000 gods, your neighbours tradition is irrelevant to you and in some cases, might be the opposite of what you consider. Something significant for the previous generation, might be completely irrelevant in ours. But we still strive to carry forward and take on what ever little we can.
But I think any tradition or ‘ritual’ was at some point developed with some logic. Whatever I see and do today, has been explained by my parents on how it benefits us in this age. And then there are some blind faiths that would have probably been relevant 50 years ago, but may not be any more. Whatever be the case, I think the word tradition is interlinked with ‘respect’. A silent prayer is nothing but bringing all your consciousness together and meditating for those few minutes.
I see so many youngsters who say tradition is not cool. But I find it really cool – to have the resolve to sit on the floor for hours, to put your heart into a small Rangoli, to chant prayers that you would have probably learnt decades ago.
I would like to pass on what ever I have seen during my time here. Let’s pass on whatever we can that will help our next generation understand life in a not-so-obvious way.

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