Road trip: Ras Al Khaimah

So the husband and I celebrated a very special weekend and we decided to get away from the city in-spite of the heat! One of the emirates that we have unexplored is at 1 hour drive away from Dubai. So we headed out after breakfast on Friday morning and had a lovely drive through Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road (E311) up north through Sharjah, Ajman in to Ras Al Khaimah.


We decided to stay over at Al Hamra Residence (Website)which is right next to Waldorf Astoria in southern Ras Al Khaimah neighbourhood of Al Hamra Village. The location is absolutely unbeatable and we were super excited that we managed to find something so conveniently located and right on the beach. The hotel was kind enough to give us a slightly early check-in and also a complimentary upgrade to a 1 bedroom suite! The view was brilliant too – looking out into the beautiful Arabian Gulf. The service was excellent right from the reservation process.

The room was self sufficient with an almost fully functional kitchen, just the cookware was missing so I guess most guests would use this for very basic purposes like we did – to heat up food and to chill your water.


There aren’t too many activities to do in the summer months, except to chill by the beach and by the pool. Few guests were still doing some water sports but I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it under such harsh sun.


F&B options were quite good as the Hilton, Waldorf Astoria and Al Hamra village has a few good options. Al Hamra palace itself has some very exciting bars and restaurants. The breakfast in the hotel was quite good.

I recommend this place to anyone who wishes to get away from the city over the weekend.

Like every other place, I wish I could have stayed just another day to explore RAK. But hey, hugsband says we can always go back! 


Author: Deepika

So the Oxford Dictionary defines dexterous as: Showing or having skill, especially with the hands Aesthete. Conversationalist. Culture vulture. 20-something. New wife(or not so new now?). This is me, Dee. Join me as I explore life.

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  1. There is jet ski and para gliding at Al-Hamra I believe. I have seen a few of those parachutes flying around overhead. Plus there is an aviation club, which I’m not sure if they allow civilians to fly but I have seen some of those aircraft’s flying around.



    1. Yes Anoop, they have water sports at Al Hamra, saw some parachutes flying around as well.

      The Jazirah aviation club ( is open to civilians, you just need to book well in advance for a course.


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