Biggest Challenges While Travelling

Boeing wing. Flying over the clouds
Boeing wing. Flying over the clouds
Let’s take this quick poll below to understand what you feel are your biggest challenges while travelling (work or leisure)?

Let me list down my thoughts, some of which you might find helpful and hopefully at some point, I should be able to elaborate more on each with individual posts:

  • Internet – I always recommend to have access to Internet & GPS while on the go. While not being connected may be the style of some seasoned travellers, more often than not, Internet can only help you enjoy your travels.
  • Food – I have seen that most Indian travellers tend to ‘need’ Indian food even when traveling. I wish people were more open to exploring local food. Of course one can always stick to their choices of Vegetarian or Non-vegeterian, but please understand that even places like Indonesia & Thailand have good options for Vegetarians and even Vegans. All you need to do is keep an open mind, and ask (or Google!).
  • Itinerary – I always prefer making my own Itineraries. Highly recommend you to make your own, based on what you like to see & do. However, if you must stick to one of the pre-decided ones, ensure you have enough free time each day so that you are not running from one spot to the other just to tick things off the list. Probably the worst thing to do is visit 5 countries in Europe in 10 days. Sounds super exciting to tell the world that you ‘checked-in’ to all these amazing places but I really don’t know how much you understand any one culture at all. Though moneys could be an important point to trigger this debate, if you must travel, you are better off understanding one culture, over ticking off your list. Quality over Quantity – always!
  • Family & other commitments – If I could, I would be travelling every single day of my life. Unfortunately, it is a romanticised idea that suit those you read about in new-age fairy tales called Online articles. :-p Having said that, I wish we could visit at least 1 or 2 unique places a year. We are blessed with weekends that make for the best time to travel. Traveling in one’s own country or region is also something that already expands your thinking and let’s you become better world citizens. This would be my wish for the world.

Start surfing & plan your travels already!




Author: Deepika

So the Oxford Dictionary defines dexterous as: Showing or having skill, especially with the hands Aesthete. Conversationalist. Culture vulture. 20-something. New wife(or not so new now?). This is me, Dee. Join me as I explore life.

2 thoughts

  1. Nice post Dee! 🙂 To me, the most important part of the travel is the itinerary, that can make or break your tour. Most of the times, we are bound by time, so most of the people try to squeeze in as many places in the shortest possible duration, which makes the tour hectic and takes away the charm of travelling and changes the mindset of the traveler of just enjoying the beauty of one place. Even I take time to make the perfect itinerary until I find the perfect one for me 🙂

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