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Hot air balloon ride in Dubai|Things to do in UAE

We had an exiting Hot Air Balloon ride right here in Dubai. It is real easy to book online. But remember, you must book well in advance – especially if you would like to go on a weekend !
On the scheduled day, you are expected to reach Dubai Outlet Mall at 5.30 AM. They will pick you up and drive you to the desert where the balloons are waiting for you. You will be given a safety brief by the Captain, after which you are ready to go! There are about 20-24 people in each basket – mainly couples. Such a romantic feeling to be flying at 4000 ft high over Dubai with your loved one.

Hot air balloon ride in Dubai
Hot air balloon ride in Dubai

The one major upset of this whole experience is the view isn’t really spectacular – you only see the desert spanning the entire horizon, as far as the eye can see. I’m sure it would be more exciting to ride in places like Cappadocia, where the landscape is phenomenal.
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But trust me, the experience is totally worth the bill you would have to pay (almost AED 1000 per person).

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  1. This happens to be one of the lot of things I haven’t done yet. Anyways, I have bookmarked the website. If sometime when I have the money, I will do it.
    Happy new year!!!

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