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Mother|Feelings of a new mom|Bonding with baby

She, the one who knows you from even before you were born. Every kick and every hiccup is a way of communicating with her.
She, the one who gives birth to you and does her best every single day to ensure you bloom to be your best self.
She, the one who sacrifices her own dreams so that you could use her to climb higher and shine through.
She, the one who sings along and dances the rehearsed steps when you perform on stage. She knows your part as much as you do. The audience cheer for you, but she is the one who tears up. For she is the one who taught you how to walk. For her heart beat is your first rythm, your first melody.
She, the one like God – omnipresent, always looking out for you.
She, the one who never gives up on you. Always on your side. Her all-consuming passion is you.
She, who makes you her life.
She, is the mother.

Amma. Maa. Aai. Mutter. Madre. Oom. Ammi. Mom. Mommy. Mother.

To every mother around us, and to every mother up in the heavens – Thank you.
With the birth of our child exactly 6 months ago, a mother was born – a mother, who I never knew existed in me. I thank my body for allowing me to bring into the universe a wonderful little human being. But I’ve worked very hard for it and given it my all. I am proud to say that I am a Mother.

My baby and me - 13th May 2017
My baby and me – 13th May 2017

I now understand my own Maa, more than ever before. I am even more grateful to her for everything she does for our family. I am even more in love with her than ever before. No one can ever replace you, you are always a queen in my eyes and Dad our hero, our King. I do know how your heart sounds; it sounds like peace to me. Thank you Maa
Mothers at Jumeirah Beach, Dubai
Maa and me with my little baby boy still inside me

To my sister, my first best friend, who will always mother me no matter what. She is a mother too, for she has a heart of gold. For no one can love her more than me – her first baby. For I know what she is capable of; reaching up to the twinkling stars above. Thank you di.
To my Mother-in-law, Amma – the home minister – Kudos to have survived a a house full of boys! I learn each day from you. I respect you a little more every day as your tender soul radiates. Thank you Amma.
To Mother nature, Thank you for allowing us to thrive on you. I want my son to enjoy our Mother nature as well, and it is my duty to do my bit as part of the human race.
I celebrate Mother’s day, today and every single day.

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3 thoughts on “Mother|Feelings of a new mom|Bonding with baby

  1. Great one and well timed !
    Having lost my mom very young its been the three of you – Mom,Meera and You defined motherhood to me. What I understood is there are at least three ways to be a perfect mother !!!

    1. That’s a special thing to say Dad. Paati is always with us and I’m sure she is extremely proud of you and our little family. I know Paati has at least raised one perfect human and I love him the most ❤️

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