Make all your elevator rides LEGENDARY!

Dubai Marina &  JLT
One of the unique aspects of living in high-rises is the elevator experience. A couple of years of living and working in the famous Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers  areas is enough to get a master’s degree in elevator management! Weather you are someone who spends 500 minutes a year in elevators or someone visiting high-rises, here’s some elevator food for thought:
1.Say Namaste to the security camera, and don’t bother being naughty – the security personnel are busy watching you, or not.
2. Since you have a few minutes in the elevator, chat with the security folks on the emergency phone line 😉. You never know when you would need good friends in that room during a crisis!
3. Press multiple buttons on your  way out. I mean, who hasn’t ever done that!? Haha.
4. Keep your phone down.. you’re going to loose network pretty soon anyway, right before the time your ears pop!
5. Catch on some much-needed sleep. You could get those 2 minutes that you wish you got in your bed that morning, or in that boring meeting at the end of the day. And hey, who says you can’t sleep while standing – try it!
6. Talk to the sweet little kids, unless they are on a hover board- they could attack you!
7. Don’t cool down in the elevator. It could get hot in a place like Dubai, but try not to use the elevator to cool down – unless you are lucky to ride all alone, then you do whatever you want!
8. Let it go… let it go! Always allow those inside the elevator to exit first. Don’t barge in. If it looks nearly full, don’t try to squeeze in. Let it go with a polite smile or say something witty 😉
Let them get out first!
9. Allow the pregnant women to pass please , it’s scary when the doors start closing up on your bump!
10. Press the button to the direction you’d like to travel, not the direction the lift should come to you in, and definitely not both. Please! If you want to go up, press up. If you want to go down, press down. Cardinal rule.
11. Don’t smoke. The smell lingers long after you are gone. And you might die anyway.
12. In case of a breakdown, don’t panic – there’s very less chances that you will be left abandoned. A pregnant woman takes 20 minutes to climb down 54 floors, you do your math!
13. Get lost in the new world of Destination dispatching. Not so intelligent yet.
14. Find your zen with the elevator music, the closest to meditation some of us will ever get to.
Free trivia – Mirrors and wall art are usually placed inside the lifts and in landing areas. This is done to help in distracting you from the long wait/ travel times. This also helps those who are claustrophobic, by making spaces appear larger than they are.
Leaving you with a compilation of some super fun elevator pranks, enjoy!

What are your quirky elevator learnings?
– Dee

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