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Product review – Ring sling by Soul Slings 


This post is meant for someone as new to baby wearing as me and want to carry their baby in something that is easy to wear and safe to use for their baby.

Baby wearing is an age-old concept that has been used by labourers and farmers. It probably skipped a couple of generations to make a come back now and how. 

There’s a school of thought that says a baby should not be held for too long – but I personally don’t resonate with that. I feel a baby needs the warmth and reassurance by touch if it’s mother and father, especially in the first 3 months of life, just look at this
This review is based on my very first ring sling that came to me as a gift by a dear friend Vaishnavi on my baby shower. She introduced us to this amazing world of baby wearing, that we now love so much. My sweet lime jacquard wrap conversion ring sling is by Soul Slings, a Bangalore based company who have some very good practices like employing local artisans and having a low environmental impact. The price is very affordable, starting at just Rs.1500 (less than $23!). They do ship worldwide so yay!
The fabric is 28 inches wide and 83 inches long and it’s made of 100% cotton in jacquard, which I love. The design is fab, it is gender neutral and has bright, bold colors. I don’t think they currently stock this particular print, so their pieces are almost like limited time only!
I had to hand wash before first use, which is a bit of a task. We once put it this in the washing machine by mistake and it did bleed into some other clothes 😞
A ring sling is super convenient once you get the hang of it. I was very nervous to use it on my new born. I went for a paid session to a Soul representative in Chennai to learn the usage on my then 2 month old. Wish this wasn’t a paid service, but I gained confidence in wearing the baby. We’ve gotten the hang of it slowly by wearing him more often. I can say baby and we have grown to enjoy ourselves in the ring sling, yep that’s Mommy and Daddy!
I find that it is much more airier than a structured carrier but the baby can get quite hot, so make sure they are dressed appropriately. I made the mistake once in Mumbai and carried him in a sleep suit 😰 thinking he would get cold.
Safety is the biggest worry when putting in a new born into a ring sling, as you want to support their neck and whole body thoroughly. My baby is a leg straighter so I was always nervous that he would maneuver outside the seat and fall right through. But with practice, we managed to get the seat secure. It is critical to get the seat right and ensure the neck is supported (until their neck is sturdy enough). The excess fabric or “pallu” hanging down can be used as an additional layer of seat or as additional neck support. There are tons of different positions but I’ve only used the basic snuggle hold or tummy to tummy position.
It’s important to thread the sling well. There’s tons of YouTube videos available. Make sure to practice without baby a few times. Make sure to thread the sling after every use so that your good to go the next time you have a cranky baby.
Mother wearing baby in a Soul ring sling
Another advantage of the ring sling is that you can also nurse in it, and use the extra fabric for cover if needed. I haven’t tried to actively use the sling while feeding yet but I’ll be sure to update the post when I do.
Since mine has major acid reflux issues and his tummy gets pressed on being worn, he’s thrown up a lot of times on being worn. This is not that great, and maybe one of the very few down sides of baby wearing.

Mother wearing baby in Soul Ring sling
Soul ring sling in mommy mixer groups
He loves biting and playing with the aluminium rings, though it isn’t a major problem, I like to cover it with a burp cloth or the excess fabric.
This carrier comes with a cute little pouch, and it’s is super easy to fold and fit in your bag.
Pouch that the Soul ring sling comes in
We do experience some back pain on wearing for long durations and I think the key is to wear it as long as baby and you are comfortable.
There’s so much room for error when you start off, but like every thing else, start with wearing the baby a few minutes at a time and continue. My cue that I’ve worn it right is if baby is happy and not irritated after being worn.
Ensure you start with the slings high on the shoulder before baby gets in and make sure the fabric at the back is spread out well.
Other than the initial learning curve, I think ring slings are great for baby wearing. I highly recommend this to parents, especially for newborn babies.
Ring sling
What’s your journey been? Share your thoughts below.
Disclaimer: This review is completely my own based on my own experience. I have in no way been compensated by the company. I’m a novice baby wearing mama, do let me know if I’ve got any of the facts wrong. 
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