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Infantino Ball Pit & Activity Gym | Baby toy review & features

Infantino Ball Pit – review & features

The Infantino Ball Pit is one of the first things we purchased even before reaching our new home in the US, and we enjoyed it for a whole year!

Infantino Ball pit – Perfect for a newborn baby

Let’s refer to it as the pit from here on! This pit provides immense visual stimulation right from about 3-4 months of age, when babies vision is slightly clearer and they start having somewhat controlled hand movements. Baby V enjoyed right from the start, waving his hands around and trying to look at


his colorful surroundings.

The pit comes with 10 balls each of 4 different colours that can be stored in the turtle head – Mr. Turtle as my nephew calls it; and used in the ball pit with the mesh up. He also loves biting on the balls – thanks teething!just make sure they are always clean. He has also used the balls to practice his grasp – he now picks in one hand so easily! How they grow so fast! 

Infantino Ball pit - best activity center for babies and kids

It also comes with 4 linkable sea pals, mobile toys that baby loves to pull on; you can also add 4 additional mobile toys. These can be removed and used wherever else required – like the car seat or even the baby carrier. Our favorite is Mr. Star!

Infantino Ball pit - best activity center for babies and kids

The toys are machine washable but the rest of the pit has to be wiped clean, and I prefer doing it with baby-friendly wipes.
The 2 bars that hold the toys up can be removed; though I haven’t removed them yet. He loves all the mobile toys hanging off them even if he’s sitting in the pit.

The mesh pit is easy to put up and down as needed. It’s held up by soft but sturdy removable bars. He loves going in and out of the pit and it helps to keep all the balls inside for all of 3 seconds 😅

Infantino Ball pit - best activity center for babies and kids

I do think it’s slightly expensive at almost over $50 but it’s worth it, as these are one of the few things that baby can actually enjoy for a few months – which is a lot in baby world. Even older kids can get entertained by simple play with the Infantino Ball Pit.
The Pit can be easily carried along if you are on the road as it practically weighs nothing. We love the vibrant colours and the soft materials used here. Colourful, simulating, easy to maintain, harmless piece of toy for your baby. Ensure you get this for your play area!

Infantino Ball pit & Activity Gym


One of the few cons is that it’s tough to put the balls into the turtle head but it holds all the balls together so it’s worth it for cleaning up. The turtle head can also be used to put other little toys in so it can be an easily accessible storage option!
Also I don’t like the 4 velcro tabs that is actually exposed when the pit is set up – though it isn’t hard, I hope they think of a better design.

Infantino Ball pit - best activity center for babies and kids

If you are in the US, you can buy yours right here on Amazon. It is available in India and other countries as well.

Hope you find this review useful. Check out this post on my favorite diaper bag and our favorite baby sunscreen. Do share your thoughts and feedback.

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