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Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball – baby toy review

Newborn babies have fuzzy vision that slowly starts developing around their 3rd month. Babies’ hearing starts developing in the womb, when they can hear their mother’s heartbeat amongst other sounds that are still indistinct. And touch is said to be fully functional right at birth.
The Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball is  a fantastic sensory toy that we have been loving, helping the baby develop their sight, hearing and touch. Each bump is of a different color, texture and pattern.
The bumps are designed for the baby to learn & practice their grasp, throw and holding skills. It also has contrasting colors that help the baby develop his visual senses. 
14978012375552 of the bumps have small plastic balls in them so this doubles up as a rattle as well, perfect to develop his hearing.
As a bonus, baby V has also been enjoying chewing on the bumps, thanks again teething! 

Colorful, portable and convenient to wipe clean. At less than $10 (it’s selling now for just $4.38) it’s a steal. You need to buy this for your baby today! Shop right here !
Hope you find this review useful. Do share your thoughts and feedback.

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