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5 reasons why we skipped Universal studios and Disneyland 

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We just got back from a holiday in LA with our 7.5 month old. We did a lot of research but found no definitive direction on two of the most obvious “things to do” Disneyland and Universal studios. We decided to skip them and here’s why:
1. Just the 3 of us with baby,  is it really worth spending over $200 to enjoy half the fun? If we were a large bunch of people, then maybe we would’ve gone, using the switch options they offer; but not this time. We’re practical like that. Instead, we spent good amount of time and money in shopping. Win!
2. Spending two whole days under the sun would get us crazy. Yes, I’m sure Disneyland is a childhood fantasy come true and Universal is fantastic. Yes, they also have baby centers. But no, I’d rather go when our lil one is a bit older and can actually have fun with us.
3. Both Disneyland and Universal exist in so many other cities and countries – Florida, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Japan and so on. There would be many more opportunities to go have fun!
4. Most of the rides require kids to be of a certain age and height. The baby would just be an extra. Kids below 2 go for free, there’s a valid reason for that!
5. Our definition of a holiday has changed since having a baby. In the past, the itinerary was planned in advance and we’d get going as soon as we reach our destination. But now, we take it easy and take enough breaks and plan every day as it comes. We are now flexible with our plans so as to ensure all 3 of us are relaxed and enjoying at all times
6. We would rather spend the 2 days exploring some other place or just chill by the pool and enjoy a real holiday.
Detailed post on our trip coming soon!
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5 thoughts on “5 reasons why we skipped Universal studios and Disneyland 

  1. When there is awesome company at home
    When you have horses to explore
    When you can eat all the chicken, pizza and icecreams
    When you can watch Dangals and Mangals on Netflix
    When you can save another $100 on uber/rental
    And with the cute baby around it’s always Disney. Isn’t this a ‘universal’ truth too 😉

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