Play mats for babies

A play mat is probably one of the most versatile and practical product for a baby’s play area and is going to last you well through toddlerhood.

Baby V has been enjoying this Play mat since we got it. Not only is it colourful and educational, but also helps keep the play area tidy. Of course this lasts for not more than 30 minutes every morning  😀

The two sides have different visuals which are colorful and informative. He is already inquisitive of the different colors he sees, I’m sure in due course, we will start naming the shapes, animals, alphabets and colors.

Demonstrated by Baby V himself


The mat has reversible designs on two sides which is another awesome feature.

Consider a big size like 180*200. Before you know it, your baby is going to be crawling all over and the toys are going to be spilling all over.

The mat has a soft foam texture. It is water proof, which really helpful to keep all liquids including spit ups out of the carpet.  Our’s is made of OPP film on the surface and PE Cotton filling. These are non-toxic.

It can be folded twice on each side, making it portable and easy to store.

The surface is soft and edges are well stitched, though we have managed to start taking some bits off.

Invest in something that is low maintenance. Since your baby will be regularly using this, you need something easy to handle – something that can just be wiped clean.

There are a lot of options availble in the market. Make sure to invest in quality as this is something your baby will be using for many months or years. The one we have is available on Amazon (many of my friends have the exact same one, even in India) for only $30 and you can buy it right here. 

Until later,


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Author: Deepika

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  1. Very useful information for ‘ to be’ parents. The mat looks attractive & will surely draw baby’s attention.
    Well done Dee.


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