Hospital bag checklist for delivery|Hospital bag essentials

What to pack in maternity hospital bag

Carry speakers as part of the Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby
Our very first ride with baby on board

The modern pregnant mom spends a good amount of time researching what to bring to the hospital when “it is time”. Weather you go into spontaneous labour or have a planned delivery, it helps to be as prepared as possible to welcome your bundle of joy. You need to know what to pack in hospital bag and have your hospital bag checklist for delivery handy!

Our hospital – Medcare Women & Childrens Hospital dint require us to bring anything at all – EVERYTHING would be provided for! We had a wonderful experience at the place but of course I still wanted to carry a few things of comfort with me. Ask your hospital or delivery center on what they will and won’t provide well in advance so that you can think about what you would like to pac It is suggested that your bags are packed no later than 37 weeks or earlier depending your your pregnancy. Do bear in mind that your hospital stay will last anywhere between 2-5 days. Also consider if your spouse has an option of going back home to grab anything . If not then you are better off carrying everything you may need and more. I personally carried a couple of bags, one for hugsband and me, and the second one for baby.

Hospital Bag essentials

Here is your hospital bag checklist for mom & baby

1. Portable speakers

Carry speakers as part of the Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby
Music has been a constant in our lives, and even more so during pregnancy. I’m glad my husband brought this to the hospital as it helped throughout labour and even after baby arrived. Grab anything portable or just improvise with the speakers on your mobile.

2. Hospital gown

From when you are admitted to about a day after delivery, you would probably be in the hospital gown. I wore the gown that my sister wore for her delivery, and I chose to wear it right after the baby was born.

3. Clothes for the hospital and the first ride home

Hospital bag checklist for mom and baby
All set to go home

I had carried along a couple of options for the home-coming and I finally wore one of the most comfortable maternity dresses from ASOS (They have free worldwide delivery!!). I highly recommend avoiding pants for a few weeks after delivery.

4. Maternity socks

Let’s face it, you will land up feeling very cold in the hospital. Check out this Cute pair for some inspiration!

5. Nursing bras

Don’t go all out before you actually deliver but invest in a couple of them during your last trimester. Make sure that you leave “room for growth”. If you thought it wasn’t possible – it is going to get bigger and it will stay that way for a while.

6. Lip balm and travel-size moisturizer

Labour and then delivery can dehydrate you completely. Make sure to keep these handy. I remember my lips had completely dried out for a whole day after I delivered.

7. Any basic make up like Kohl

Though it might be the last thing you want to do, do it.   Unless you prefer having au naturel look!

8. Personal grooming products

Face wash, face cream, body wash  and other personal grooming products – Keep up your regular routine as much as you can. Your skin will thank you for it.
Check out this fantastic brand I discovered – The Spoiled Mama. They have some wonderful products for pregnancy and post partum.

9. Slippers

To walk around in the hospital

10. Hair ties

You definitely want your hair out of the way when your at your most vulnerable!

11. Deodorant

Perfumes are avoidable at the hospital and during pregnancy in general but if you need to, do carry one with no aerosol.

12. Mint

You NEED mint! And gum is avoidable

13.  Hair dryer

Do bring it with you to the hospital if you must

14. Essential oil and humidifier

These can make your hospital room feel more comfortable and you will feel at home. This is crucial for any labouring mama. Do read my post on essential oils here

15. Phone+charger+Camera+Charger

No brainer – keep the husband in charge. Do try and document a few precious and vulnerable  moments

16. Important documents

Like Insurance papers, marriage certificate, passports. Make sure to find out what you require to have handy well in advance

17. Thank you note for the delivery team/ Obgyn/ midwife

This is always a sweet gesture to leave your delivery team with a little something as your token of appreciation

18. Snacks

For you du-uh

19. Baby on Board sticker for the car

20. Change of clothes, toiletries and a blankie  for Dad!

21. Breast pump

If you are planning to pump from the beginning then do your research and carry the breast pump along. If you would like an analysis of what’s available in the market, check out this post by Dez of Pro Women Powder. She talks about 15 best breast pumps in the market. Make sure to check with your insurance, since mine was completely covered!

For the baby

  1. 2-3 outfits in different sizes( preemie, NB, size 0) including caps, socks and mittens. Carry a couple of size options since you would not know the exact size of the baby.
    Not all newborns are the same size and not all brands have similar sizes. My baby was born 6lbs 1 oz and wore a preemie size for almost a month. For the delivery and ride back home, we had onesies used by my nephew and it was the perfect size ❤
    Another suggestion is to buy that you can button on the front, instead of struggling with pulling onesies from over the baby’s head
    Keep in mind the weather conditions and remember the baby is most likely going to be in air conditioning so layering is key.
  2. Car seat
    Make sure the car seat is properly installed and get it checked by an expert if possible. Again, get this done by the 36th week or earlier.
  3. Swaddle blankets
  4. Towels
  5. Receiving blankets

Your hospital should give you these basics but you could carry your own:
1. Diapers for baby
2. Nursing gown
3. Maxi pads for mom
4. Razor for mom
5. Toiletries for mom – Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer
6. Muslin cloths

There are tons of printable hospital bag lists online, especially on Pinterest, but I suggest to make your own lists and ensure your spouse is in the know. Have the hospital bag checklist ready well in advance before you are due to deliver.

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What would you add on as must-haves on this list? What are the avoidables? Share in comments below.
Good luck and hope you have a wonderful birthing experience. Read my pregnancy related posts on lifestyle and travel.

Wish you a happy & safe pregnancy!

Much love,
Mama Dee

*Disclaimer – This is a blog post based on my own experiences with my own labour and delivery. Please consider that every body and every baby is unique. What I’ve mentioned may or may not be applicable to you. Post may contain affiliate links.

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