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Kids ride on toys|Game day push about helmet review |Simplay3

Anyone who knows us or has been following our journey on Instagram, know very well that Baby V has always hated any stroller. Well, some days are ok but for the most part, he hates it. We’ve spent many days juggling him on one hand and pushing the stroller on the other 😭  If your baby hates the stroller just as much but needs a fun mode of transportation, your search ends here! The Game Day push about helmet by Simplay3 the ultimate tool for your toddler and the best kids ride-on toy you can find.

Game Day push helmet by Simplay3 In Dallas cowboys colours
Game Day push helmet by Simplay3

When I first saw the push helmet, I instantly fell in love! I knew this is what my stroller-hating baby needed. It  has an easy DIY assembly that took Grandpa less than 20 minutes to put together and the instruction manual was quite self-explanatory.
The manufacturers recommend to use this between 1.5 – 4 years. But since our little man is an early bird who started walking at 9 months, we’ve been using it since then and love it. Our 3 year old neighbor has also used it and finds it very comfortable.
Off to our play date in the Game day push helmet by Simplay3
Off to our play date

It conveniently fits in the trunk of my SUV and does not weigh that much (I’m able to lift it up with baby on the other hand with some huffing and puffing, but it is possible). Probably the only thing I don’t like is that it’s noisy on a hard surface. But this definitely doesn’t seem to bother baby V. It moves very well on grass and our little man sure enjoys a bumpy ride.
There’s a drink holder is great to keep some food or drink in the kids sight!
The cup holder in Simplay3 Game day push helmet
Cup holder

It is easy to push and pull this coupe. The handle is at the right height for a parent of average height. Though it can be a bit tough to suddenly change directions.
Since the the bub is almost at road level, he/ she will enjoy the perfect view of the road unlike a stroller where they are much higher up.
There’s a seat belt that ensures your little one is snug, though this is quite easy for my little one to currently get out of. But I’m sure in a few months, it will fit nice and snug.
The seat, seat belt and the football in Simplay3 Game day push helmet
The seat, seat belt and the football

There is a football 🏈 pretend steering wheel that he loves holding on to and play with (well, bang on). He feels like he’s in control of the vehicle.
Ample legroom from back of seat to foot wells ensures there’s enough space to grow. The legroom is very comfy for my lil toddler who loves kicking around and really enjoys the space (another win against the stroller)
The entire structure has no sharp edges or crevices, making it very safe for the kid.
Absolutely adorable and will surely catch some eyeballs as you strut them around in your team colors. Over 10 colors to support your team! Go Cowboys ✌️ You can personalize your helmet with your own decals.
Grocery shopping made easy by the Game day push helmet by Simplay3
Look at him go

I think the price of $59.99 is very fair and a wonderful option for your kid. This push coupe makes for the perfect birthday gift for your friends 1st, 2nd or even 3rd birthday! Go visit Simplay3 now!
About Simplay3

Simplay3 is a refreshing, new company that is comprised of a diversified, experienced management and design team that helped build Little Tikes and Step2 into leaders in the toy industry and first class pioneers in the field of rotational molding in the plastics industry. All of their products are made in the USA.
Disclaimer: I received this product for review by Simplay3 but the views are all my own

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33 thoughts on “Kids ride on toys|Game day push about helmet review |Simplay3

  1. This substitute of a stroller looks quite good.. even my daughter has never been a stroller baby. Now that she has started walking and running.. so i might try my hands on this for my second one. 😀

  2. wow these toys collection. Looks super amazing. I loved that helmet push toy so so cute. I will definitely check this store out. I have a little tikes car here and my daughter loves it. So glad they have a new one coming

  3. Such a beauty this thing. The perfect answer to a kid that feels strangled in the stroller. Thanks for the insightful review Dee!

  4. This product looks really exciting for kids. It is much more lighter and compact as compared to a stroller. Moreover, the kid also enjoys the ride, since he/she would have the feel that he/she is in complete control by moving their hands around the helmet. Surely its a very useful gift for kids . Thanks dee for bringing this product to our attention.

  5. This is indeed a good innovation. Easy to handle & affordable. Also good enough to keep the baby busy with an attractive handle & lovely bright colours. Perfect gift material for ‘Parents to be’.
    Thank u Dee for the research & a good find!

  6. What fun. I am sure he is enjoying the inpendence and the comfort it offers. Wish I stumbled upon this before. Now my kids are too old for this one. But every new mum needs to check this product out.

  7. Very light and easy to take in the good roads. Baby is so comfortable and enjoys the lower level sights.. I strongly recommend this product.

  8. My boy also hated stroller and almost a year back, my husband gave the stroller to one of his friends. This seems to be an amazing close to stroller thing. I guess in this the baby feel more open and close to the world. That’s why he likes it. Thank you for sharing this post. I never knew any such thing exists.

  9. Really cool stroller!! I remember when I was 2 years old we found something similar in Amsterdam in a mall. Glad to see baby V enjoy the stroller..

  10. I haven’t seen a stroller like this. The design itself looks so much fun. I’m sure the kid loved it. Looks like he did.

  11. This helmet looks great. Such a cute eye catching design, every toddler would love to have this. Though my tot love his stroller, if he doesn’t want to sit in it, he pushes it himself. But what I have noticed is he feels strangled in stroller, there is no way you can twirl around in a stroller. I will have to check this brand, as it looks really promising. Thanks for sharing the detailed review.

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