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Ideas & tips to plan the perfect cake smash for your baby’s 1st Birthday

Planning a cake smash for 1st Birthday

I’ve been planning a cake smash in my head since my third trimester! And finally we’ve done it! I still can not believe that a whole year has flown by with our wonderful little human. He is now one year old 🙂
No matter how much one plans, any event with a kid always has some whims and challenges. I’ve documented our cake smash journey here, do take some cues to plan your own!
When to do it – Many people would do the cake smash at the birthday party or right before. But knowing my little hyperactive body, I knew the right thing to do is to make it a separate event much before the birthday and birthday party. Also, if it is the first time your baby is actually going to eat cake, you want to ensure there are no allergies or reactions.
Theme – By around the 7th month, I knew we were heading to a Jungle theme birthday. All the toys we had, the songs we sang, the books we read were leading me to that! The baby surely doesn’t care about any of this but we as parents want to make memories.

Jungle theme cake smash outdoor set up
The calm before the storm 😀

Props – Since this was going to be outdoors, I wanted the props to be minimal but wanted to ensure there are some elements that add my touch to the final pictures! I started off with a big bucket list and then narrowed down to just a few elements.
Teepee – Just a week or two before the shoot, I stumbled upon this teepee on Amazon while I was looking for something else! That’s what Amazon does to you! But I think it was the perfect one for us. All other Teepees I saw were much larger and sturdier. I needed one that I could carry all the way to Houston for the shoot, and something that would also fit in our living room. The Teepee takes up a lot of the screen but is also minimalistic – so you won’t need too many other things in the frame.
Stuffed animals, throw blanket, bunting, balloons – These were borrowed from a friend who had exactly everything I needed for the shoot 😀 I decided not to get balloons as the frame already had a lot going on.
Chalkboard – This is something that was giving me the chills for a while. I found a wonderful Etsy store to get this done at literally less than $5! I got it printed in Walmart just the evening before the shoot. The printing business was a real struggle and I had don’t multiple trips to 2-3 Walmart superstores to finally just get a poster done and not a board like I had wanted. Luckily, my sister had a frame that worked perfectly.

Jungle theme cake smash chalkboard
The chalkboard – made on Easy

The smash cake – I had found a couple of very simple designs on Pinterest and searched a lot for someone who could give me a good cake without a hefty price tag. After months of asking around, I found Randi from Scucakes. This wonderful lady & husband duo bake right in their kitchen. They love doing what they do and go out of the way to make your event special. When I saw the smash cake for the first time, I literally got goosebumps. Firstly, the reality hit me, my baby is turning 1. Secondly, what a wonderful creation I was seeing and it was a ridiculously low price. Visit her website here and Facebook page here. If you are in the North Texas area, she’s the one you need. She’s sweet enough to give my friends 25% discount, just quote my name when you order!
Jungle theme smash cake in outdoor or indoor setting
Outfit – Knowing my baby, I wanted to keep the outfit to the minimum. I was slightly nervous about the weather, as Texas weather has been so unpredictable. But plan B was to take it indoors. I got the perfect cloth diaper from Superbottoms made it’s way to us all the way from India for this event. They make super cute and very high quality diapers and I’m so happy to be their ambassador. A detailed post on this will follow soon, but we absolutely love it!
Timing – So the perfect time for my baby would be first thing in the morning once he is up, and has just had a snack. This would typically have been 8 AM on any other day. But of course, things don’t go as planned with kids. The night was a bit bumpy and we were up & about by 6 AM. So basically the entire schedule went out of the window. By the time we set everything up, it was maybe 9 AM and Baby V was cranky! We went ahead anyway and thought we could wrap things up, but no. He din’t want to be there, he dint want to see the cake, he wanted nothing to do with the cake smash. We did try for about 10-15 minutes then realized it is a futile attempt. So the cake went back into the fridge and baby went to nap!

Total meltdown at the jungle theme outdoor cake smash

While he napped, the sun came out so there was no way we could continue outside. So we moved everything indoors and decided to wait for him to wake up. Finally around 11 AM, we managed to get him slightly interested in the cake.

I was smiling throughout this episode and feeling so happy that my little baby has his own personality! There is no way we could have gained so much happiness over this one year without him.
Photos & Video – If more than one person will be present, make sure you decide on who will be responsible for capturing what. I would also designate one person to make some boomerang videos! Do capture before, during, after! I’m glad I din’t land up spending a bomb on hiring a photographer, it would’ve probably added more pressure on the baby and we wouldn’t have had any flexibility whatsoever.

Baby loving it at Jungle theme cake smash indoor outdoor
I’m finally liking this cake!

So here’s summarizing the most critical points:

10 ideas & tips to plan the perfect cake smash
Much love,
Mama Dee

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24 thoughts on “Ideas & tips to plan the perfect cake smash for your baby’s 1st Birthday

  1. So adorable cake smash idea!!!!! And baby v is the adorableeeeee…. We should copy paste idea with daddy since he will be starting with his second childhood it will be fun

  2. This is so beautiful. Happy 1st to V and to you too Mommy. Your tips are lovely. One very important I have for the cake smash is to just let baby explore. What we did wrong was we brought the cake out and placed it in front of T who naturally went towards it, but our camera wasnt ready so we said hey hey wait and that was it.. he never went near the cake again. 😐

  3. Those tips are really great. Will be saving this post for my baby’s first birthday.
    Baby V is super cute and oh, I loved the teepee and the chalk board art among all the props.
    Happy birthday baby V. Much ❤️ to you.

  4. I never heard about cake smash idea. So I quite like it. Seeing the pictures I can imagine how babies change our plans. Also in my son’s last birthday I also got a jungle theme cake and my boy was super excited to see all those fondant made animals on the cake.

  5. Wishing little V and you a very happy 1st. It is amazing how you had it all planned right from the start. The pictures look lovely. And yes, for assigning work to people. At my nephew’s birthday I was so busy with the running around and there was nobody to click pictures. It was really sad because it was his first and we just had a handful of non-shaky pictures.

  6. Oh so lovely! The pics made me wish I was there attending this birthday party. Good resource for those who are looking for tips to throw a birthday party, especially following the jungle theme.

  7. Ever since I have heard about cake smashing on the first birthday, I’ve been wanting to do it. I don’t like the traditional “make the baby sit and cut the cake” method. This is so much fun. 😊
    And when the baby is a cutie like ur vivaan, it makes the whole thing super awesome!

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