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Avoid diaper rashes| cloth diapers|Newborn

Shit just got real. You have a new baby, yay; hurray; congratulations. But those first few months with a brand new baby are a vicious cycle – cry, feed, sleep, poop, cry, feed, cry sleep, poop, cry some more. Let’s face it, baby poop is disgusting. At least the stinkypoo was bearable for 6 months since Baby V was exclusively breastfed. But once  the solids start  – oh boy, the good life as you know it is outta the window my friend! But there’s nothing much we can do about it for a few more years at least! Here is the basics you need to know to avoid diaper rashes
A couple of things that have saved us from having multiple diaper rashes is

  1. NOT USING BABY WIPES. What we’ve done is to just hold baby over the bathroom sink and rinse with warm water. It is an age-old technique that I picked up from my in-laws and I swear – it is the best thing for baby. You can always keep the sink & counter top sanitized often. No matter what type of wipes you use, they have some sort of chemicals that your baby’s cute lil tushi doesn’t need. Having said that, we have had occasional rashes but seriously not like the stories I’ve heard from other parents. No soap is required, but if you must, use a mild, fragrance-free soap. Always remember to clean front to back – for girls & for boys.
  2. As the next step, make sure to pat dry the entire area – DO NOT rub. Also, use a clean & soft towel that’s appropriate for baby and not the rougher ones that adults may use.
  3. Another product that I absolutely swear by are Oil wipes. The only ones I’ve found so far are from UAE and made by SebaMed. They are the best! I know Seventh Generation also makes baby wipes with coconut oil but I haven’t tried those yet.
  4. Indians have used baby powder in the previous generations. Science has proven that this is linked to chronic respiratory problems later in life. Please avoid all forms of talc or powder. And definitely no powder puff. Talc-based powders are made of fine particles that can be inhaled, which can cause irritation in the lungs and inflammation, which can cause additional respiratory issues.
  5. You can use mild baby lotionbaby oil or Vaseline for every diaper change and a mild diaper rash cream sparingly
  6. Every day give the baby some time without a diaper on – airing the general area is really good for the baby. You can leave some loose pants or an underwear on. It is OK if you get some pee or poop on your floor or carpet. It can be cleaned and sanitized. This is for the benefit of baby.
  7. If you must use disposable diapers, then check & change diapers regularly. I would say every 2-3 hours for first 6 months and then every 3-4 hours thereafter.
  8. Reusable cloth diaper is a fantastic and safe alternative to its chemical-laden disposable cousin. No matter how organic or baby bum friendly they claim to be,  disposable diapers are made of chemicals to keep the pee & poop in. If you are in the Dallas area, go to Nappy Shoppe. If you are India, buy now from Superbottoms. Read this detailed post on cloth diapers.

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Let me know what you think. What additional points would you add on to this list?
Much love,
Mama Dee

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