Family getaway in East Texas | Dallas, Houston road trips

We had a lovely weekend getaway in October with us traveling from Plano & my sister’s family from Houston. Carthage is within 200 miles of both Dallas and Houston, making it a comfortable enough drive with two kids (a 6 year old and a 11 month old).

Our Air BnB was a perfect little cottage with just enough beds and a wonderful patio right by the lake. Though their hammock and jetty areas were quite worn out, the views were very refreshing. Here is the Air BnB listing.

The kitchen was very well stocked with utensils and all white goods. We had carried all the food we needed for the weekend and just had to put them together for each meal. The best part was the lack of stable cell phone reception – making it the perfect excuse to actually spend time with each other instead of the virtual world. This gave us ample time to spend time together as a family. We sat around and chatted, played at the Foosball table, ate & slept well. We played board games and made Tie Dye T-shirts for all of us!

The cottage had lovely neighbors who volunteered to take us fishing but we couldn’t make it on time. The water was mucky, making it non-swimmable. And if we had a boat, we could’ve enjoyed boating and fishing at the lake.

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East Texas has perfect fall foliage in December so if you can, this would be a great time to go!

We’re definitely doing one East Texas getaway in December again in a couple of years! Have you been to East Texas? How was your experience?


Much love,



Author: Deepika

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