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Cloth Diaper 101 – How to use cloth diapers | Super bottoms

My first tryst with cloth diapers was quite awkward, but probably much like many new millennium parents. I ordered my first pair when my baby was about 12 weeks old. I tried them for 15 days but had no idea how to use it properly. Being exclusively breastfed, his poop used to be runny and since I had not adjusted it well, there was leakage. I also felt that the snaps were hurting my baby. I watched the how-to videos, asked the owner for suggestions but just couldn’t get it right.A very basic cloth diaper of a generic brand
A good friend gave me another one from her stash, showed me how to use cloth diapers and asked me to keep trying. Slowly but surely, with time and repeated usage, I gained confidence and realized how useful this type of modern cloth diaper can be. Though I have ever since used disposable diapers all this while, but made sure to use cloth as much as I could.
My excuses for not using cloth diapers & the mistakes I made:

  1. It looks inconvenient & complicated to use. I live in the US and have no help available. I can’t handle this all by myself with a baby wailing on one hand
  2. The widely used disposable one’s are just fine and more hygienic for the baby
  3. I can buy a bigger box of disposables to save money, I don’t need cloth
  4. I will need to spend a lot of time cleaning, washing, drying – this isn’t possible when you are living an expat life
  5. If there are leaks, my carpet, floor, or bed will be stained and will stink for life
  6. You can’t use it when you are outside the house
  7. My biggest mistake was using a free size diaper instead of a newborn one, my baby was literally floating in the diaper then.
  8. The second issue was that acceptance for these advanced cloth diapers in the household was very limited – plain old langot was preferred. Langots were used when we were kids and a typical Indian family was used to it.

Diaper boy with his super bottoms animal theme eco cloth diaper
Nothing wrong with any of those but there are so many more advantages of the advanced cloth diapers:

  1. Super bottoms stash of 5 cloth diapersEco-friendly – I don’t have to stress on the amount of crap (literally) we are adding to the environment.
  2. Cheap – An average child will go through thousands of diapers in their 2-3 years of usage. You literally need a stash of 8-10 cloth diapers for the same time frame. Do the math! It is reusable and can be used for siblings
  3. Convenient – Newborns pee all the time. And exclusively breastfed babies probably poop after or during (like mine) every feed. Using plain cloth can be cumbersome and almost requires a full-time person handling this project.
  4. Fun designs – The market is full of advanced cloth diapers all across the globe. You find fantastic
  5. No more diaper rashes. Save your baby from the harsh chemicals used in disposable diapers. Read detailed post here

When I started reading about cloth diapers, I was so unsure of the types, kinds and usage. So cutting out all the jargon, there are basically 3 types of the advanced cloth diapers that you find in the markets these days:

  1. Just the cloth
    • This is the plain old cloth
    • May be just a flat piece of cloth, or pre-folded like underwear
  2. Covers
    • This is just the waterproof outer cover with snaps for sizing
    • You need to add inserts
    • You can have as much cloth inside as required
    • The covers can be used through the day with only the inside cloth can be changed often
    • Ideal for day-time usage
  3. All-in-ones:
    • The waterproof cover and cloth together is all-in-one
    • It can hold pee for up to 8 hrs
    • Once there is poop, you need to get it out
    • Ideal for night-time usage

Super bottom cloth diapering, cloth diapering India, modern cloth diapers
A few tips & tricks while using cloth diapers:

Super bag - a wet bag to store used diapers by Super bottoms cloth diaper India
Super bag by Super bottoms

  • Line dry as much as possible
  • When using overnight, you can start off by lining the bed with a protectant to ensure there are no leaks
  • For newborns, check & change every hour or two even at night
  • For older babies, all-in-ones can last through the night
  • After care: Remove poop with toilet paper into toilet bowl or rinse using water faucet. Rinse & hang dry. Then machine wash or hand wash and dry.
  • Let there be no gaps at the waist or thighs but make sure it is not too tight – It should fit nice & snug
  • Avoid velcro cloth diapers – though easy to use, it always startles the babies when you undo them.
  • The cloth is made of natural fibre and needs to be washed about 4-5 times before it can absorb completely. Skipping this step may cause leaks

Why you need to use them
As mentioned right on top, I din’t have a successful first stint with cloth diapers. But when I got reinitiated last month, I realized how much I’ve missed out and how easy it could’ve been.
cloth diaper. How to use cloth diapers. cloth diaper for 1 year old baby. cloth diaper india. super bottoms review. cloth diapering india. Baby in diaper. Diaper boy
Super bottoms is the 1st cloth diaper brand in India with CPSIA or The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) certification. The owner, Pallavi is personally involved in every aspect of the business. She is extremely helpful and has tried to guide me throughout my journey.
Stash of cloth diapers by Super bottoms India along with a super bag (wet bag) to store used cloth diapers
Super bottoms have super cute designs and their diapers & boosters are made of high quality organic bamboo cotton with dry-feel micro suede lining so the baby feels dry all night. The absorbency is unbelievable that lasts long hours, so you can use them for day & night. They have the trimmest  crotch and come in a wide range of designs. It is easy to pair these with a variety of outfits to keep up your baby’s fashion quotient!
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You can check out Super bottoms here:
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Read this detailed post on how to avoid Diaper rashes.
Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers and well wishers. Here’s to a bright and prosperous year ahead!
Disclaimer: This is a collaboration with super bottoms. I was sent one All-in-one and compensated for reviewing this product as a Mom blogger. However, the views are all based on my own experience and is no way influenced by the sponsoring company. 

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