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Convenient Mumbai online rental -Furniture & Household| Rent Kar De

This long hiatus is thanks to a hectic family trip to India. Read my post on surviving long haul flights. One of our major crunch points was luggage space. There was SO much take for baby and me, as well as gifts for friends and family. We also had domestic travel in India so we really had to think about what to carry and what not to.
When my sister dropped us at the airport, we decided to just let go of the Car seat and stroller! yikeees!! Though these are life savers and a must have, we really needed to travel as light as possible and keep our hands free on board too.
The convenience of renting in association with rentkarde
When we landed in India, I was quite concerned about not having a Car seat and was also missing my stroller in the lovely weather (without him running all around)!
That’s when a friend suggested Rent kar de (literally meaning just Rent it). They are an online marketplace where one can rent out any products and rent from various renters in a location most convenient to you.
Not only baby-related products but we also rented the game of Catan which clearly requires time to understand but so engaging for hours on end!
Game of catan on Rent Kar De

Check out the Catan challenge here.

Here’s how I went about renting:
1) Booked the product on Rent Kar De
2) Contacted the renter
3) Requested for delivery
4) Gave deposit and a photo ID
5) Had it picked up, got my deposit refunded and ID proof back after the tenure!
If you have someone visiting and they require a crib for their baby – NO PROBLEM. Rentkarde!
You want to take your girl out for a ride but have no bike? NO PROBLEM. Rentkarde!
Have that special wedding to attend but don’t want to spend a bomb on a new outfit. NO PROBLEM. Get that Tarun Tahiliani outfit from Renkarde!
Your finally going on that solo trip to Leh? Fantastic! Get that GOPRO from Rentkarde and capture this once in a lifetime experience.
You got all that lovely decorations for your kids birthday party and don’t want to sell it off? Don’t let it rot under the bed. Rentkarde!
Screen Shot from Rentkarde
The family also decided to rent out a lot of things like card games, a foot massager, a handycam etc that are just lying around the house. These are “used less” products lying idle in the house and it may be useful for someone even for a couple of days. The biggest advantage is that instead of purchasing and hoarding products, you can just rent on need basis.

Their simple motto is “why buy or sell when you can rent”!

Rent Karde currently serves the Mumbai market but are steadily growing platform. You can now forget about wasting money on buying.
Visit their website and Facebook page for more info.
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Much love,
Mama Dee
Disclaimer: I received a few products to sample their experience but the views are all my own. Please use your discretion while using this or any similar platforms online. 

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  1. This is such an issue when we travel as well. Prams are so heavy to lugg around. I’m glad Rent Kar De offers it. Will rent it on my next visit

  2. Rental services are so popular nowadays because of the convenience. But I must admit that I had never heard of Rent karde. Thanks for sharing.

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