Things I most miss about being pregnant |Bonding with baby

Things I miss about being pregnant with a baby belly
Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman’s life. I thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy and worked till the day I went into labor. Do read my other posts on pregnancy. Now that Baby V is over 15 months old, I really think back and miss my pregnancy days. I was inspired to write this post after reading a similar one by a fellow blogger Mommying BabyT. Here are some things that I reminisce till date:

  • Sleeping – YES! This is the absolute one thing I would pick as my favorite on this list. I miss sleeping. And I miss sleeping through the night. In the last month before baby, we actually stayed in bed for 48 hours straight, ordered food, ate, watched movies and so on in bed. What bliss that was!
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  • Prenatal yoga – My sessions at Zen Yoga were the absolute best and it helped me all the way through till after I delivered my baby. We were also privileged to attend a couples yoga workshop less than 24 hours before my baby was born.
  • Gorgeous hair and skin – Along with all the wonderful pregnancy hormones comes the prenatal vitamins. And these vitamins bring gorgeous hair and skin. I wish this lasted though and I wish the hormones din’t yo-yo as after the baby is born
  • Having the baby to myself – That powerful feeling that growing a little human gives you is like nothing you have ever felt before. Feeling the baby kick and hiccup is surreal and almost magical, if you may. I’m blessed to have felt this for myself. Once the baby is out there, there are so many other people and factors that come into play, you loose some control and that is the first part of letting it go. One step at a time.
  • Watching the belly grow – In the 1st trimester, your body is quite the same. In the 2nd trimester, when you start piling on the pounds, you might as well just have eaten a bit too much. Mid-way through the pregnancy when the bump really starts showing is when it all feels real
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  • Maternity clothes – I didn’t over-indulge in maternity clothes as we believe in minimalism. I actually had to transition to maternity clothes only Month 6 onwards 🙂 I ordered a good bunch of workwear from ASOS and absolutely loved the feeling of special clothes to cover my special bump!
  • Just him and me – I love that our little family has a walking talking and sometimes annoying little human, but I miss just being us too. I miss watching 5 movies a week or weekends spent doing nothing.
  • Being the center of my world – Taking it a step further from the previous point, I miss being the center of my world in my thoughts and actions. I miss being carefree and careless. I miss spending hours window-shopping or hanging out with friends.
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But Baby V makes up for everything and makes life simply beautiful. I’m grateful to stand where I am today and I’m ever so grateful for my journey so far.
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Much love,
Mama Dee

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4 thoughts on “Things I most miss about being pregnant |Bonding with baby

  1. Yes.. yes..I miss it too and even days before pregnancy as well😄. Full night sleep is something I crave for the most and that glowing skin and thick hair..omg. I miss that too..and hmm what else. A a lot of things. But one thing is for sure..before getting pregnant, I didn’t have any idea how amazing and magical it can be to be a mother.🙂

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