Celebrating holi with a toddler|Festival of colors|The Snazzy Mom

I personally love Holi and can’t wait to introduce this festival of colors to Baby V. Being an expat family, it is so important to instill Indian culture & values into our kids. If you are wondering how to make Holi fun for your toddlers, read this post by fellow blogger Arushi who writes at The Snazzy Mom. She documents some fun activities to make celebrating Holi with your toddlers or babies fun: Celebrating Holi with a toddler.

Share your own experience or some tips on how we can celebrate Holi with our little ones.

Happy Holi!

Much love,

Mama Dee

PS: The featured image is from The Snazzy Mom‘s blog post.


Author: Deepika

So the Oxford Dictionary defines dexterous as: Showing or having skill, especially with the hands Aesthete. Conversationalist. Culture vulture. 20-something. New wife(or not so new now?). This is me, Dee. Join me as I explore life.

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