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Badger baby sunscreen review, features & usage

Badger Baby sunscreen review, features & usage

To maintain that baby soft skin and to protect our little ones from the harmful rays of the sun, we need a powerful sunscreen cream. After doing good amount of research and asking around for recommendations, we bought the Baby Badger Sunscreen on Amazon.
This sunscreen is certified organic and there are no artificial ingredients. The composition is good and it is easy to apply on babies skin (and Mama’s too). The smell is a bit too strong for my liking but baby doesn’t seem to mind it.
Unfortunately the high Zinc amount in this one (almost 20%) leaves a white mark, which takes some time for the skin to absorb.
They claim to protect from UVA + UVB rays and also water resistant for up to 40 minutes.
Do ensure to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours in all exposed areas. It’s best to not be in the direct sunlight in peak hours: 10-4. Also try to get extra covers like sun hats when possible.
Make sure to keep fingers away from the mouth and if not, just avoid using the sunscreen below the wrist.
Remember, babies below 6 months of age do not require sunscreen.
We’ve been consistently using it since an year and totally love it. Buy it on Amazon now!
Do you have a baby sunscreen that you can recommend?

Update: We have been using the Badger Baby sunscreen for one year now and really love it!

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