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Mommie’s Big Helper|The Shops at Willow Bend

How many times, as a frazzled new parent, have you forgotten wipes when heading out? How many times have you run out of diapers!? And oh yes, you’ve definitely forgotten a snack, or two. How many times have we been stuck between a poo-nami and a screaming child! As a traveling parent, I’ve faced so many of these and more. And that’s when I came across Mommie’s Big Helper, a vending machine aimed at helping us in such situations. Imagine that mom’s plight when she is at the airport and waiting to board, and suddenly there is a major situation, probably a leak in her diaper bag!

Thinking back, I remember spending so much time ensuring the diaper bag has all the essentials, but at the moment of truth, that one single thing has magically vanished. I remember wishing that someone would have helped at so many times of need. I have heard of diaper vending machines but I’ve never really come across one (especially when in need). But Mommie’s Big helper is what I wish I always had.

Mommie’s Big Helper

Mommie's Big Helper vending machine at The Shops at Willow Bend right opposite Crayola Experience

Enter Mommies Big Helper.

True to it’s name, it is a vending machine that stocks all the essentials that you need when you are out and about with young kids.

My initial thoughts were, if I buy just one single diaper or one small pack of wipes, it’s going to cost me a whole lot more? Can I just manage without it? But no! The pricing is in line with what you would expect to pay for a single use product. Nothing more!

And there is absolutely no compromise on quality. Mommie’s Big Helper doesn’t just stock any products, but strive to bring all safe & natural products for your babies.

Products you will find in their vending machine:Diaper changing kits at Mommie's Big Helper vending machine at The Shops at Willow Bend right opposite Crayola Experience

  1. Bets&Emy wipes – A mommy founded and led business offers wipes that are hypoallergenic, free of fragrances and parabens. Best of all, there are no chemical preservatives.
  2. Shout Stain  remover wipes that are individually packed and absorbs stains off clothes!
  3. Diaper Changing Kit (convenient pack with 1 diaper, 2 wipes, 1 changing pad and 1 hand sanitizing wipe). SO convenient!
  4. Cloth diaper insert – This is like a breath of fresh air for cloth diapering moms like me. If you are cloth diapers even when you are away from home, Mommie’s Big helper got you covered
  5. Onesie – We all know how much babies spit up, and how much mess there always is. Mommie’s Big Helper stocks cotton onesies if you ever need one
  6. Pacifiers – This is probably one of the important ones that are easy to soil or to forget. Though there are clips available to keep those pacifiers safe, sometimes they do find their way to the floor.Evangelina Rich of Mommie's Big Helper, an unique vending machine in DFW, Texas
  7. Nursing slips by Mother Modest – As a mom who breastfed for 15 months, I can vouch that this is one of the most innovative products I’ve ever seen. I have never been a fan of those nursing covers that seem so uncomfortable for babies! Nursing slips are an easy alternative, offering coverage for the bare skin of a nursing breast
  8. Similac sticks of formula – This is a great little kit with the bottle and formula readily available
  9. A variety of healthy juices, dried fruit, Gerber puffs, fruit pouches, crackers & cookies, not just for the littles but also the exhausted parents. My favorite here is the Plum Organics Strawberry Banana Mashups, these are certified organic & Non GMO Project verified. No Sugar added and a great source of fiber and vitamin C. They also sell Freeze-dried fruit snacks made from 100% real fruit
  10. Portable protein pack – a refreshing addition mainly for the new parents who forget about themselves so often!
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The vending machine is currently located on the lower level of The Shops At Willow Bend, right across from the entrance to the Crayola Experience. It is open 24/7 and they accept all major credit cards, Apple pay and Android pay.

About Mommies Big Helper

Evangelina Rich of Mommie's Big Helper
Evangelina Rich

Mommies Big Helper is minority woman owned and operated business, and is Texas HUB Certified.

The idea came to Evangelina  Rich, a mom of 3, while she was pregnant with my third child. “I had already experienced all of the inconveniences, frustrations and ugly cries of not having what I needed for my children when I was out and about. There came a point while I was pregnant with my third child that I knew something had to be done and it had to be special.”

“As parents we encourage our children to be helpful and a phrase that’s often used is, “Do you want to be Mommies Big Helper and help me with…?” This is where I came up with the name for my business. My logo is also a reflection of this as it depicts a young child helping out by holding up letters in the word Helper.  We strived to make the colors on our vending machine as vibrant and happy as the young children we serve.”

“Our mission is to provide the essentials necessary to care for young children while on the go. Mommies Big Helper eliminates the stress of missing necessities such as diapers and formula. As a commitment to our customers we only sell trusted name brand products. “
Do read my post on "the bare necessities" you need while heading out and a here's a post on my favorite diaper bag.

Life can get chaotic, but Mommie’s Big Helper has got your back. Watch out for them in malls, airports, stadiums, museums, theme parks and anywhere that families frequent for an extended period of time.

Know of another location where you would like to see Mommie’s Big Helper? Leave a comment and let us know!

Much love,
Mama Dee
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  1. This is such a life saviour in times of need! Wish Singapore had something similar at the malls….life would have been so much easier that way.Thanks for the post, good to know about it.

  2. This really does sound like the only thing mommies need! Would love to see this at international airports (heck, even flights!). I wonder how long it would take for such a concept to take off in other locations, like India.

  3. All of those things in a vending machine!!! Oh my god…that’s genius! Can I please have one for every room in my house? Because I am really tired to telling my husband where’s what even when everything has a fixed place.

  4. Such a great helper to mommy, I had never heard about this, though my girls are big now, will share this useful info with my friends who had little babies. loved the video, tooo good.

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