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15 Summer essentials for babies & toddlers + Printable & Giveaway

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With summer on our heads (literally, I’m from Texas Y’all), I’d like to share this quick post on Summer essentials for babies & toddlers. This is something I’ve learnt with my own experience and also seen with my friends around me.

Summer essentials for babies & toddlers

1. Sunscreen

This is probably the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of summers. Sunscreen is important for all babies starting from 6 months of age. It is recommended to reduce exposure to direct sun as much as possible for babies below 6 months of age (early morning sun exposure is absolutely fine and in fact, recommended)

We swear by the Love the Badger Baby sunscreen. I have a detailed post on why we love the Badger Baby.

2. Bug spray

Bugs are extremely bugging! Being outdoors in summer not only warrant getting protection from the sun, but also from the abundant bugs. We use this Babyganics natural insect repellant.

Read this post on packing list for National Parks by Photo Jeepers.

3. Moisturizer

This is something we overlook in humid climates, but moisturizers are equally important in Summers as in dry winters. Don’t forget to get a fragrance-free one. We love the Aveeno Baby Moisturizer.

4. Light colored, light-weight fabrics covering arms and legs

Make sure to choose light colored and light-weight fabrics that provide good coverage.

Gymboree has some great options for kids summer wear.

I have a detailed post on summer activities with kids.

5. Sun Hats with big brims and flaps

I have to be honest that I have never done this, simply because my sun wouldn’t have even one thread over his head. He’s pretty fussy and I wish I had trained him when he was younger! Check out these from Amazon.

6. Insulated bottles

Though I love the 360 munchkin cups, I strongly recommend using Insulated bottles in summers. They not only keep the liquid from spoiling, but are also eco-friendly! Check out this Insulated Bottle.

7. Insulated lunch bag

These are again highly recommended to avoid food and snacks from spoiling in the summer heat. Check out this one on Amazon.

8. Water/ Pedialyte/ Lemonade

It is extremely important to keep the little ones well hydrated, wether indoors or outdoors. Ensure to carry water at all times (yes, I’ve forgotten). Do carry it with some squeezed lime or carry packets of pedialyte. They can really help in quickly hydrating the babies.

Ensure that it has NO added sugar (kids till 2 years of age require no sugar). And only breastmilk or formula is recommended till 6 months of age. No salt is recommended till 1 year of age.

9. Soft towels and wet wipes

Carry a couple of small towels for you and the baby. Wet water wipes can be very handy at all times. Remember: Don’t scrub the baby; gently pat dry any sweat.

10. A solid diaper bag

Our favorite diaper bag is this one by Vilah Bloom. It’s really functional and totally chic! Do check out their latest summer colors and styles. The best part is they have an insulated pocket, which completely makes sense in summers.

11. Reusable swim diapersResuable Adorable Diapers from $3.99

I’m a big fan of cloth diapering, and recommend it to all the moms out there. Be sure to see this post on avoiding diaper rashes, especially in this heat!

If you prefer, you can also use Splashers from Pampers.

12.Baby carrier

Babywearing in summer can be challenging, mainly due to the perspiration that takes place. It isn’t pleasant but the baby is sometimes better off closer to you than in the stroller. I say this because the stroller can let too much heat directly onto the body.

13. Essential oils

Essentail oils have saved us from SO much trouble, so many times!

We swear by Oilogic, which is a brand based in the Dallas area. Oilogic makes 100% pure essential oil products specifically for kids & babies. Their products are sourced from 13 countries where these plants are indigenous. They are 100% baby-friendly (their Essential Oil Roll-ons and Ouchies & Boo Boo Ointment are MADE SAFE™ Certified). Check out my detailed post here.

You can buy them the easy gift pack Amazon.

14. Car tints

Car seats are boring for kids, and they can get hot in the heat. Ensure to have car tints on the window that your child is seated at. It will help protect them from directly getting affected by the sun rays.

There are some cleaver ones available on Amazon!

15. Summer books

I can’t make a list without including a book in the mix! Get some books related to summer to get your littles ones excited about the season. I highly urge you to check out the concept of 1,000 books before Kindergarten.

Here’s a ready reckoner for you to save, print out and keep handy all summer!

15 summer essentials for babies & toddlers

Hope you enjoyed this post on 15 summer essentials for babies & toddlers. Check out this post on 20 fresh & free ideas for summer activities


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  2. That’s a well curated list of baby summer essentials and will be really helpful for parents. Thanks for sharing.

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