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How to declutter kids stuff | Toy storage ideas|Play room organizing

Along with a baby comes a truckload of baby products and mommy products. These include essentials like diapers, different pieces of cloth for different purposes, nursing bras, etc etc. It may not seem like much to begin with but as the months go by, you will have way too much to handle. Declutter kids stuff often and ensure you don’t buy more than you can handle.


So that you don’t loose your sanity, here are some tips to declutter:

1. 180 day rule

Daily calendar for cluttering home every month. Discard things that you have not used for 180 days or more

If you haven’t worn something in 180 days, get rid of it. This includes your pre-pregnancy clothes and those size 4 clothes that you’ve grown out of.

If you’ve just had a baby, It’s going to be a couple of years till you can fit into and use your pre-pregnancy clothes. Either give them away or make some space to store them elsewhere. Let them not eat precious closet space.

2. To buy or not to buy

Think if you and your baby really need a thing before you buy. Like that big activity center or toy car – really?

Too much of anything is bad enough. Same goes for TOYS. You do not need a whole bunch of toys even for older toddlers. I’ve seen moms go crazy trying to organize their mess. Try to make it an activity or chore for the kid to organize once they are slightly older. Do not compensate for your absence or your busy schedule with toys. Don’t buy every single thing they ask for. Inculcate the value of money early on in life. Let them understand how difficult it is to earn money.

3. Stop buying in bulk

Yes, Costco and Sam’s Club are great value for money. But, are they? Do you really need that box of 20 toothpastes? Or 50 packets of snacks? Buy just as much as you need and refill on the go, unless you have a large attic or basement where you can organize these extras. Also get multi-use furniture with storage space that will really help you in the long run.

4. Birthdays and other holidays

declutter kids stuff - toy room organizing - keep your kids play area clutter free

This is when the majority of clutter comes in. Sort out all gifts that are received and store them away until you find that it will be relevant to use. Don’t give open access to all the gifts at once.

We have a golden rule in our household, if something comes in, something needs to be going out. So give away some old toys if you need to make space for new ones.

5. Toy rotation

declutter kids stuff - toy room organizing - keep your kids play area clutter free

This is very crucial not only to keep the space decluttered, but also to ensure your kids are kept interested and engaged. Most experts recommend rotating toys every week but you could alter this to suit your situation. I rotate toys every other week and some toys of high interest are always kept out in the play area.

Make your kids choose what they would like to play with but don’t allow easy access to all the toys all the time. This will make them indecisive and also shorten their attention span.

Like in a library, only certain items can be checked out at a time. If they would like another, switch it with something that is already out.

6. Durability

Think about all the colors and fabrics that you buy. Make sure they are long lasting and can be used for multiple kids in the family.

7. Purge once every month

Stop hoarding “show pieces” that you may have got as gifts. Keep the few that have some real memory attached. Some people are very good at circulating gifts – I totally love the idea

Keep a few precious items from your baby’s journey like a few first onesies, a pair of mittens or that cute sleep suit. But seriously, make space by removing the clothes that they have grown out of. Same goes with your things. You do not need that size 4 dress that you last wore 5 years ago. You “may” use it again but definitely not in the next 5 years.

Declutter kids stuff once every month. Dedicate half a day for it, and you can do it!

8. Don’t fill spaces to maximum capacity

declutter kids stuff - toy room organizing - keep your kids play area clutter free

How about disposing off things like that fancy center table or that luxurious lamp? There are those Instagram moms who seem to make it work but I can tell you it is absolutely impractical to have or maintain with a growing kid. Instead, give the baby extra space to move around. You can always re-decorate once the kid is about 4 – 5 years old.

9.Let them create a mess

Mess is fun. Mess is play. And mess teaches your kids many things that words can’t. It’s ok to knock things off or turn your utensils into musical instruments. They are learning with objects around them.

10. Involve them in the clean up

Once you are done playing, involve the kids in the clean up. If they are very young, make sure they watch you cleaning up. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning up after they are asleep. Kids are visual and the more they see, the better for them! This also will free up some of your time, giving you precious moments to spend by yourself.

Toy storage ideas – Toy Organizing

declutter kids stuff - toy room organizing - keep your kids play area clutter free

Some simple ideas for organizing toys:

Sensory separation

Separate sensory toys and pick one or two at a time. This is the one that works best for me. I separate them like sorting-type toys, puzzles, balls together, musical toys and so on.

Avoid Plastic containers

I’d prefer such fabric and wooden organizers instead. Read on to see an interesting DIY option to achieve a similar effect!

Use unused carton boxes creatively

Save some money and save the environment by using cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers. These do the job, you can make them look good and you can reduce the usage of Plastic in your household

Use the Door

Use such over the door hanging shelves to keep stuff off the floor and use space wisely. These are cheap and you can also check Pinterest for various DIY ideas to achieve this!

Don’t let the toys take over your house!

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