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Fun & Relevant toys for babies| 0-24 months | Gifting options

All that babies need is just need love, attention and warmth from their caregivers. Kids are still learning about how things work and will most certainly like to explore their surroundings. With the plethora of plastic available in the market today, we are spoilt for choice. Buying gifts for kids can be a daunting task but seriously, less is more. If you must, buy something eco-friendly and durable.  When you are trying to buy baby toddler gifts.

Gifting for Newborn baby

Skills: Well, being a newborn! They have very limited vision, no head control and are completely dependent on their caregivers

This is the 4th trimester and the baby is only by the 3rd month, going to realize that they are a separate person from their mother. They must not be too stimulated and need to get their 16-18 hours of sleep at this point!

gift ideas for a small baby

A Newborn baby literally needs just mom and dad. If you are visiting a newborn, maybe bring something to help the parents. If you are close enough, you could always gift something else at a later birthday or the holidays. But here are some ideas if you would like to bring something for a newborn baby:

  1. Cute, slogan bibs
  2. Crib accessories
  3. A picture frame
  4. Wind chime or a gentle musical toy
  5. Dreamcatcher

Gifting for 3-6 month old baby:

Skills: Notice moving objects, Head control, see across the room, See colors, First smiles, Distinguish sounds, imitate voices, pushing up, rolling over, waving hands, kicking legs

3-6 month olds are discovering themselves and interacting with their environment. Their sleep reduces by a couple of hours and they are more curious to see what’s happening around them. This is a great time to keep engaging with them and speaking about everything you are doing!

  1. Rattles
  2. Car seat toys
  3. Plush toys
  4. Bath toys
  5. Animal figures
  6. Blocks
  7. Finger/ Hand toys
  8. Play mat/ Play Gym
  9. Soft books

Gifting for 6-12 month old baby:

Skills: Walking, language, fine motor, gross motor, sitting, using 2 hands, throwing, hand to mouth, crawling, army crawling, walking, running, improved memory

gift ideas for babies and kids

At this point, the baby is working on his fine and gross motor skills, listening to phonetics and possibly mimicking as well. Baby V also learnt to stand up using at 8 months and started walking with no support by 9 months of age. He was super early but every kid is different so don’t worry if your kid is delayed on any milestone. Just make sure you are discussing with your pediatrician at every well visit. Baby toddler gifts at this stage will be a wider range and will probably start being used by the kid!

best gift for 1 year old boy

Gift ideas:

  1. Teepee
  2. Sorting toys
  3. Push toys
  4. Activity stations
  5. Animal Figures
  6. Rocking animals
  7. Walker
  8. Pretend play toys like a vacuum cleaner, broom stick, kitchen set
  9. Cars, action figures

Gifting for toddlers 1 – 2 years of age

Skills: Depending on the kid, they start walking and running around the birthday. Speech skills are different in every kid but most start conversing by the 2nd birthday. They show keen interest in the world around them and are curious about everything they see and hear. Depending on their personality, they are either shy or fierce, but most still have some sort of stranger anxiety to varying extents.

Some gifting ideas for a 1 – 2 year old:

  1. Colors

best gift for 1 year old kid or 2 year old kid

  1. Pretend Play – Doll house, kitchen set, iron boxes and the sorts. Don’t be gender biased here and let them explore the world as a child – not as a boy or a girl

best gift for 1 year old kid or 2 year old kid

  1. Building Blocks

  2. Play Doh

  3. A good dinner set, try your best to avoid plastic or melamine. Go for more eco-friendly alternatives like bamboo, there are fantastic alternates available. Leave a comment below if you would like specific recommendations

Some common ideas for all ages:

gift ideas for babies and kids

  1. Books – Check out my post on 1,000 books before Kindergarten
  2. Any toys with sound, Tambourine, Maracas
  3. Teething rings/ keys
  4. Gift cards
  5. Balls (always fun)
  6. Personalized bedding & accessories from Little West Street

Baby toddler gifts : Gift giving & receiving tips

Here are some gift giving & gift receiving etiquettes that I have always found handy

  • Buy ahead of age: for a 1st birthday, always give something 12-24 months but don’t go overboard and gift something that is relevant for a 4 year old.
  • When you receive gifts, don’t open them all at once. Ensure you keep the novelty for each toy alive. Let them explore one toy for a few days and then move on to the next. Through these toys, they are learning about life, they are not “just” playing.
  • In the 21st century, we need to be practical. Shed that age-old feeling of “how can I ask for a gift” and open a Gift Registry. It’s easy, free and extremely practical for you and your loved ones. You’d rather have the kid and the family happy than give a surprise. Unless the surprise is an unicorn, then always buy the unicorn!

  • Gift cards – again another practical alternative to actually buying something redundant or irrelevant

Hope you enjoyed this post on buying baby toddler gifts. What else would you add on here? Also check out this post on decluttering your home.

Much love,
Mama Dee

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