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A girl in the new town – Review & Interview with the Author

When I found out that Alpana Deo was writing a book, I was elated & super proud! She is an established blogger and a dear friend. Her first book is A girl in the new town. It is independently published and available on & Read my review below and an interview with the author, Alpana Deo.

A girl in the new town

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The entire book is divided into captivating chapters that leave you interested. I was hooked on from the 1st page and got through the 100 pages in one evening! The book has simple illustrations to fuel your imagination that run through through the pages.

Illustrations in A girl in the new town by Alpana Deo

The Story

Cover of A girl in the new town by Alpana Deo

If anyone has moved to another city, in any age, they can resonate with this story. That’s what makes it so interesting. You’ve either moved cities or had a close friend or family member move away. It’s the reality of life that’s hard to accept and wrap around.

Alpana has captured these emotions through the innocent eyes of a young girl, which makes it even more warm intriguing. Emotions galore throughout the pages and you can find yourself reminiscing certain feelings that you have definitely felt in the past.

What I love is also how this book acts as a guide for parents who are about to encounter this situation. It very well documents how acknowledging your kids feelings is so crucial. Whatever age they are at, you need to ensure that there is an open communication window with you so that they don’t fall into a shell, making it very difficult to pull them out at a later stage.

At the end of the day, Home is where the heart is and as parents, we need to ensure that we are on the same page as our kids.

My personal experience with moving (multiple times)

We’ve moved several homes, cities and countries over the years. There’s always a sense of sadness when you leave your comfort zone, but I personally have always enjoyed it. I have always been excited with the unknown and that’s kind of what drives me to explore and be ‘adventurous’. I love understanding how different cultures function and find it amazing how different and yet how similar we all are.

My parents have always been very receptive of what I’ve had to say and feel about each move. I can only thank them for making it comfortable for me at each point. Once I moved out of my parents house, this addiction of moving places stuck with me and I’m glad hugsband also shares the same perspective!

I’ve had many wonderful friendships over the years but now all I can say is that it is tough to keep in touch & stay relevant. I’ve been blessed to be able to filter out all those fake friends and stick with the real ones. Those who really need you in their lives, will make and effort to stay in touch.

Interview with the author – Alpana Deo

What prompted you to write this book?Back cover of A girl in the new town by Alpana Deo

Well, I won’t lie to you or to my readers. Yes, A Girl In The New Town is a combination of my life experiences coupled with some fiction. Just like Ria’s family, we have also moved from one city to another. My daughter was 4 years old at that time. She didn’t go through the emotional phase (maybe because she wasn’t that old enough to think from different angles) as Ria. But I believe kids go through an emotional roller-coaster during such moves. There is so much that goes on in kid’s mind. For us, their issues might not be that big but for them it’s a big deal. Through this book, I tried to think from a kid’s point of view. I tried to think how I would have answered those questions to my kids if they have faced such a dilemma. And that’s what I tried to put together in this book.

How do you manage your writing with 2 kids at home? 

It wasn’t very easy. When I started writing this book, my little was 18 months old. I was hardly getting time to sit and write at a stretch. Along with this book writing, regular blogging, writing challenges were also going on. I haven’t added my other commitments yet. But I would say, planning, time management has always helped me in finishing up my work. And once again, it helped me on this journey as well.

What would you like your readers to take away from this book

When I was writing this book, I picturized myself in those characters. The dialogues are just like our day-to-day conversation. I didn’t write anything fancy in it. I would like the parents to see this book, not as an answer, as a collection of emotions and feelings a child usually go through. This is not just a children’s fiction book but has few hidden lessons as well. These lessons are for kids like Parents always think good for their kids, Accept the changes with an open heart, Sometimes, we have to initiate to get people’s attention, Never judge people in the first meeting. See yourself in Ria’s place or whichever character interests you and then see how you would have reacted. You will enjoy it even more.

When do we get to read your next book? 

Next book? Well, not his year. I do have a couple of ideas for my next book but my plate is full as of now. Writing a book is a time taking project so before I dive into it, I want to be sure to give my 100% to it. Hopefully, next year I should be able to put it together. Fingers crossed.

Your message for someone who wishes to write their own book/ self-publish?

I still have to learn a lot about writing. But one thing that I have learned during my first self-publishing experience is you have to have a lot of patience and a positive attitude. It gets tiring sometimes. You may start losing interest as like any other process, it takes time. But hang on. Think about your end result – you own book. One more thing, never forget to thank those who have helped you in your journey. Somewhere they are also a part of this entire process

A girl in the new town

Read Alpana’s blog at Mother’s Gurukul.

Much love,

Mama Dee

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I received this book to review but all thoughts are my own

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  1. Looking forward to this book very eagerly, I’m sure I will be able to relate to it too as I have changed many cities. I love the interview in the end. Congratulations Alpana for the great start. Wish you immense success for this book and many more to come.

  2. An interesting review and an equally honest and heartwarming interview. The book seems promising. In a world where we are too busy making plans, moving homes, stepping up, we often tend to ignore the psychological changes a child goes through during this period of flux.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’m going to pick this one up.

  3. The primise of the book sounds so interesting. Often, the adult forgets the mental upheaval a child goes through any kind of transition. Thanks to the autor to highlight this ignored-but-important issue. Liked your well thought-out questions as well.

  4. This is second review of this book i am reading which has so much positive and interesting about this book. I am picking this up soon …

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