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Packing right while traveling with a baby

I see a lot of moms struggling with this dilemma all the time – what should I take while on the road? But what if I need this or that!?
We’ve constantly been on the move and made one trip almost once a month. Here’s what I’ve learnt over the past 10 months of traveling with my baby:
-look for kid-friendly destinations and airlines
– Don’t stress
– let go a bit
– carry enough but not too much
– share your baby products like shampoo, moisturizer, sunscreen. If it’s good for baby, it’s good for you!
– Diapers: can you order online to where your going?
– Snacks
– Clothes – Average of 1.5 pairs a day. Sparingly carry accessories like socks, shoes, mittens, caps, pants/ skirts – around 1 a day or 1 every 2 days. Depending on the weather conditions of course.
– A handy diaper bag
– Towels
– Vitamins/ medication
– Assortment of Toys in different places – suitcases, diaper bags, stroller etc
– couple of Blankets
– Pacifiers/ teethers. It helps to keep the handy clip
– Breast pump, bottles , Food prep. Whatever you have to
Just remember not to over-pack. You will not need 5 extra pair of Onesies and you definitely do not need some fancy schmancy bibs. Just keep it real and simple.
Rent karde

Much love,
Mama Dee

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3 thoughts on “Packing right while traveling with a baby

  1. I will call it a perfect check list. We have also travelled a lot with our son when he was a baby and have found these things as essentials to be packed. Helpful post!

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