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Top 10 destinations to take your kids to in India this year

Your little ones are free from school and want to go to someplace to enjoy the beauty across the nation. But where will you take them? After all, India is full of children friendly destination. Travelling is the best way to spend quality time with your little angels. It lets you come closure to them as you explore different locations. India is a paradise full of adventure, monuments, different cultures, languages, and many exciting things to explore. The list goes on when it comes to exploring places to visit. We have sorted out 10 top destinations to go to with your family and kids to help you with your search and finalize. So, let’s get started.

10 destinations for kids in India

Take your kids to these top 10 destinations in India

  1. Munnar

10 destinations for kids in India

Thinking of going to the hills this summer? Well, who wouldn’t want to escape the scorching heat and get a relief? Take your family and your children to Munnar. Your kids would love to explore the tea garden and learn about tea. The clear blue sky and the pleasant climate are definitely going to make your children happy. When you feel suffocated just get out of the city and let your family enjoy some clean and fresh air. There are many things you can do in Munnar. You can take your kids for trekking, elephant rides, museum visits, boating, and many more. The excitement never ends here, and your kids are going to love it.

  1. Jaipur

10 destinations for kids in India

Go to Jaipur and get ready to explore the pink city with your kids. Jaipur is definitely an idle place to visit with your children. Your kids will love to learn about its history, heritage, and culture. There are so many things to do in Jaipur. Enjoy a camel ride or an elephant ride. See the joy on your kid’s face when they get up on the elephant or the camel. Do visit ChokhiDhani to experience the village life. Let your kids enjoy a different life, a life very different from the hustle and bustle of the city. Book an Ola and take an Ola coupon code to save on your taxi ride. Other than this you can trek to Amer Fort, check out Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, enjoy the roadside market and buy souvenirs, and the ancient temples to name a few. The best time to visit Jaipur would be in between September to March.

  1. Sikkim

10 destinations for kids in India

It’s time to explore the gigantic Himalayas, the gift of mother nature and its beauty, beautiful monasteries, and more. It’s time to say thank you to mother nature for keeping a place so serene and pristine. Go to Gangtok and enjoy the zigzag road, let the cloud embrace you, feel the peace and take a deep breath because not everywhere you will be able to breathe fresh air. Get a taste of Yak safari at the Tsomgo lake. Taste their delicious momos. A place where your kids will be able to feel the nature and enjoy it to the fullest while taking a glance at the mighty Himalaya from far beneath. Summer is just the perfect time to go there.

  1. McLeodganj

10 destinations for kids in India

When all you want to do is take your kids away from the polluted city so that they can experience nature’s gift, take them to McLeodganj. This is the perfect gateway place for summer. A small town in Himachal which is full of tranquillity and peace, a place to learn about the Tibet culture, and explore different monasteries. McLeodganj never fails to surprise the visitors and especially kids. Go for a trek ride or just sit and relax at a homestay. Avoid going there during the monsoon, but otherwise, take your bundle of joy there whenever you are tired of the city life.

  1. Goa

10 destinations for kids in India

Remember how we used to feel the sand sinking away from our foot at the shores of the lovely beaches in Goa, well, won’t you want your little ones to feel the same! The warmth of the sand, a lovely sunset, and the water, who wouldn’t want to experience that. Kids would love to enjoy different kinds of water activities there. Goa is known for its culture, beautiful beaches, old forts, churches and the spice plantation. Just book an Uber and enjoy all the rides at a much-discounted rate with Uber offers. When you go to Goa make sure to let your kids get to know Goa well. Make them aware about the history and let them visit the museums. A lot can be learned about a particular place from their museums.

  1. Mussoorie

10 destinations for kids in India

Mussoorie is not far from Delhi. The queen of hills is famous for being one of the best places to visit with your kids. When you are tired of the honking and the pollution, Mussoorie can let you be at peace. Pack your bags, get your children and just drive away to this serene paradise. Enjoy the JhariPani falls, Lal Tibba, Mussoorie lake, and more while you plan to go there. If your child is a fan of Ruskin Bond, then make sure to take him to Ruskin Bond’s residence.

  1. Delhi

10 destinations for kids in India

You can’t miss out on India capital. Visit Delhi with your kids during their holiday. Explore the vibrant city, its culture and different places. There are so many attractions to visit in Delhi, the train museum, doll house, kids will adore Nehru Planetarium. Also, take them to Jantar Mantar, India gate, let them experience the light and sound snow, Lodhi gardens, and more. The list never ends once you come to Delhi.

  1. Manali

10 destinations for kids in India

Another popular hill station that you can go with your kids is Manali. Kids love to explore nature, they are so full of curiosity at this age and this is the right age for them to explore and learn new things. Take them to Rohtang pass and watch them enjoy the snow. Make snowballs and play with them. If you don’t mind being a little adventurous, then try paragliding, horse riding, and many other adventurous rides. Also, don’t miss the hot water spring of Bhrigu Lake.

  1. Andaman Islands

10 destinations for kids in India

The Andaman Islands is one of the most favourite places amongst kids. Kids love the clean blue water and the clear blue sky. Enjoy some of the most enthralling activities while you stay in Andamans. Watch your kids play on the beach. You can also go for island shopping and let your kids explore the island. Enjoy the water sports with them also don’t miss to experience the underwater sea life.

  1. Ooty

10 destinations for kids in India

The last destination that we have picked for you is Ooty. Go there and relax with your kids. Allow yourself to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty. Ooty is full of beautiful parks and museum where you can take your lovely babies with you to have a relaxing time. The dense forest and the majestic grasslands will take your breath away.

So, here it goes, our top picks for you to decide where you wish to go with your kids for their vacation.

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48 thoughts on “Top 10 destinations to take your kids to in India this year

  1. I agree India has so much to offer for a break. Right from the top of Himalaya to the vast stretches of oceans all across. Goa has its special position in the list. And yes the diversity of culture spread across the length and breadth of the country. New Delhi has its share of monuments and the rich history to speak for itself. Hill stations in summer to the sea beaches, the options are so many. Being close to nature and being with our kids and nurturing their senses make a big difference in the way they develop newer perspectives in living a better life. It will be checklist for most of us…

  2. There are a lot of amazing places in India to visit. We have been putting together a list of not-so-obvious places for our family to visit. This article lists some good places. I would love to visit McLeodganj.

  3. Indeed we have so many places to go and yet we look forward to international travel. I have travelled half of India and there are so many lovely places to see.

  4. Lovely places all of them. But do come to Bengal too. You will have a memorable experience. From the Himalayas to Dooars forest to the tranquil seas and mangrove forest, the hinterland of Purulia, tribal villages, folk art hubs… There’s a lot to explore 🙂

  5. An interesting and informative post on getaways for children! India is such a beautiful country with so much of variety. Having been an Army brat and later, and Army wife, I have always loved travelling around India. Thanks for this post. 🙂
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  6. Happy to know that I have covered six of the places listed here. Sikkim and Andaman are the two places yet to be visited by us. Adding to that list will be McLeodganj, Your description has tempted me to visit that place as well. #readbypreetispanorama for #MyFriendAlexa

  7. I have been to Jaipur, Mcleodganj, Goa and Delhi. All are a must visit place in India, delhi being my least favorite coz it’s too chaotic. 😀

  8. All these places are on my checklist too, but because the kiddo is a little motion sick I have avoided places that require lot of road travel.

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