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Express yourself and make meaningful connections

Growing up in the 80s & 90s, we still had a deep connection with the written word. We were taught to write Personal Invitations & Thank You notes. A handwritten letter is a means to cherish a feeling and a contain a memory, much like a photograph. Now in the 21st century, where technology has taken over our relationships, and social validation is more important than building a strong connect, we’ve forgotten things that really mattered at one time. These days, Forwarded WhatsApp messages for your friends birthday or a festival greeting is considered normal. Facebook reminds us of someone’s birthday or an important event. Make meaningful connections! Express Yourself!

Make Meaningful Connections

If we could take a few minutes to go that extra mile and let your friends and family know that you truly care, we could probably avoid a lot of the cases we see today like postpartum depression, anxiety, school shootings and the likes. We must not forget that since thousands of years, the human race has survived only because of the sense of community. Say it before it’s too late, y’all.

Express Yourself

Today, 30th August, Dollar Tree launches cards from Expressions From Hallmark ($1 each) and Heartline a Hallmark Company (2 for $1). You will have hundreds of cards for each occasion, available at over 6,500 stores nationwide. You will find a right mix of quirky and fun cards in this new line of cards to express yourself. From Birthdays to wedding celebrations to welcoming a new baby, Dollar Tree has you covered! The quality is just as expected from Hallmark. But Dollar Tree ensures that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket, so everything is for $1 or lesser.

Today Dollar Tree also launches special cards as below at select stores:
Mahogany: Mahogany enhances emotional connections among family, friends, and the community, and celebrates what is most beloved about Black culture.
Vida:VIDA expresses the voice of Latinos across generations, bringing them closer together to celebrate life’s special moments.
Tree Of Life: Tree of Life brings Jewish family and friends together to celebrate their faith and culture by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones.
Joyfully Yours: Joyfully Yours lets family and friends express their faith in just the right way during holidays, special occasions, and moments big and small.

Let us pass on this tradition to our next generation. Let us touch people’s lives once again. It may just help save a life. Express Yourself!

About Dollar Tree

We have worked hard to create an environment where shopping is fun… a place where our customers can discover new treasures every week… a store where entire families can enjoy hunting for that special something.

Just as important, especially during these tough economic times, we continue to offer our customers products they need at extreme values! We carry a broad, exciting mix of merchandise that includes many trusted national and regional brands. Some of the product departments you’ll find at Dollar Tree include housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, seasonal décor, and more! Everything you need for every day, every holiday, every occasion… and every single item is only $1 (or less)!

The best part is that there is probably a Dollar Tree store near you! We are a national company with thousands of stores conveniently located in shopping centers and malls in all 48 contiguous states. You can also shop online for larger quantities of the same items you’d find in our stores, plus download craft and project sheets, take advantage of online exclusives and manufacturer closeouts, and get great ideas on our small business, teacher, non-profit/charities, craft, and wedding pages. We invite you to come check us out, compare our prices, and stretch your dollars by shopping with us… Discover the Dollar Tree Difference!

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17 thoughts on “Express yourself and make meaningful connections

  1. This post is related to me because I too believe in expressing myself and connecting to my dear ones whether they want to or not…
    Efforts should be shown, when they are special for us, I believe this

  2. Staying connected is the great concern of the new age living. Remembering the loved ones on their special days and sending them greetings is one good way of staying in touch.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. In today’s fast paced world, we conveniently use electronic media to send wishes. However, they lack the personal connect which a card or hearing a voice do the same, does. Till today I love hand written letters and cards over emails and e cards. They’re thoughtful, personal and full of love.

  4. Cute cards. But I think the best way to express yourself if you really want to is through handwritten letters. It’s still not dead. If people use it, the mode will live on.

  5. I still send hand written letter to my loved ones. I love these cards, what a wonderful way to bring back the hand written messages. Loved the idea.

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