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50 unique gifting ideas for a travel-loving family

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the nip in the weather and absolutely love fall festivals. If you haven’t given a thought to stocking up on gifts for the holidays, then here’s a few unique gifting ideas to get you started early:

Gifts for Traveling families

  1. Scratch map – Right on top of my wish list. Buy it on Amazon
  2. Globe
  3. Bluetooth headphones
  4. Power bank
  5. Smart watch
  6. Trendy Tote
  7. Luggage tag
  8. Passport covers – These have been around for a couple of years but somehow not everyone has them. These are great for travel-loving new parents!
  9. Diaper bag
  10. Flight/ Hotel stay/ Local experience tickets
  11. Spa package
  12. Money belt
  13. Selfie stick
  14. Travel journal
  15. World adapter
  16. Travel pillow

Gifts for Babies & Kids

  1. Simply for flying – If you’ve read my previous posts and follow me on Insta, you’ll know how much we love this log book by Simply for Flying.
  2. Neck pillow
  3. Hand puppets – IKEA has some cheap and colorful options
  4. For newborns – milestone cards
  5. Infant & Toddler – Musical toys
  6. Toddler – growth chart
  7. Bigger kids – Set of Crayons, pretend play toys, backpacks
  8. Baby essential oils – We love essential oils and Oilogic makes great oils for babies & kids.
  9. Custom bedding & sleepwear by Little West Street
  10. Books – Always a great idea! Read my post on 1,000 books before Kindergarten.
Check out this fab post by my friend Parul - Gift receiving ettiquetes

Gifts for Expecting/ New moms

  1. Graphic teesBeing a Mom is...
  2. Funny books on pregnancy
  3. A Journal to write down thoughts before & after birth of the baby
  4. Infused water bottle – This is an unique gifting idea for expectant moms. They will love doing this activity that reminds them to stay hydrated throughout their pregnancy. Have you read my easy pregnancy guide?
  5. Exotic Teas
  6. Foot soak
  7. Pillows – Pillows are a pregnant moms best friend – you always need a pillow weather you sit, stand, sleep, drive. Or just need to keep squeezing!
  8. Instant film camera – to capture every moment
  9. Books – Pregnancy is a great time to start reading to your baby. Check out this book Being a Mom is… by my friend Anu Kapur. She’s offering FREE shipping for all of you!
  10. Magazine/ App subscription
  11. Hand & Foot cream
  12. Baby carrier – We have an entire section on baby carriers but our favorite has always been the Ergobaby 360.

Gifts for Home

  1. Shutterfly
  2. Instant camera
  3. Salt lamp
  4. Gift baskets
  5. Personalized picture collage set – This one’s a new favorite, available at your local Dollar tree store or Amazon.
  6. Candles
  7. Coffee mug
  8. Gift cards
  9. Spa package
  10. Massage chair
  11. Essential oils
  12. Herb seed pod

Check out this really cool herb seed pod kit on Amazon. It’s not too expensive and it’s super thoughtful!

Herb seed pod

What else would you add on this list? Comment below by October 15th and you could win a FREE log book by Simply for flying!

Much love,

Mama Dee
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