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Basic types of books for babies and toddlers | 0-2 years

If you’ve ever encountered the 1,000 books before Kindergarten program, you will understand the importance to reading to your little ones. The first 5 years are crucial for language development and the thirst for literature. You don’t have to go out of the way with any literacy programs, but simple reading to your babies every day will go a long way. Just a few minutes a day is going to help them with a life-long gift of language. It can be overwhelming to start your babies library, here are some of my recommendations for great books for babies and toddlers between 0 – 2 years of age:

Books for young babies

It is best to purchase board books (hard paper books) that are durable with the curious baby.

  1. Touch & Feel books
  2. Colors and shapes
  3. Good night booksThe going to bed book
  4. The very Hungry caterpillar
  5. Peek-a-boo
  6. First 100 words

Make sure to start reading to the bump even before the baby is born. It is essential to keep reading and keep talking to young babies; it helps them in language development.

Books for toddlers

It is best to purchase board books (hard paper books) that are durable with the strong toddler that you are growing. They get absolute joy with tearing paper so try your best to avoid those until they are a bit older.

  1. Language/ color booksRegional and language books for kids and babies
  2. Festival Books
  3. Daily habit books – brushing, wearing clothes, potty training
  4. Rhymes
  5. Sticker/ coloring books
  6. Theme books –
    1. Religion, Mythology, Moral stories
    1. Animals
    1. Body parts
    1. Family members
    1. Shapes
    1. Sizes
    1. Numbers
    1. Emotions/ Expressions

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As mentioned above, make sure to keep a good reading routine with your young babies. It could be a part of the night-time routine or a scheduled time in the day You will be amazed at their attention span and eagerness to learn as you keep pursuing this.

Where to get books for little kids?

  1. Library
  2. Pre-loved
  3. Local book store
  4. Online
  5. Stores like Walmart, Target have a lot of options for books

Reading habits to develop at a young age

  1. Keep a routine
  2. Use voice, face and hand expressions
  3. Teach them to respect books
  4. Library story times
  5. Regularly rotate books
  6. Encourage them to observe your face
  7. Show once showing the picture and read again following the text

Remember, reading to your little one stimulates brain development and strengthens bond between the parent & child.

Much love,

Mama Dee

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