Celebrating Motherhood

With you, it’s different

With you, it’s different. It is special, it is unique and it is love that I’ve never known existed. It is unconditional. Every single situation tests my patience and values that I’ve ever known and you are the biggest reflection of who I am, or who I want to be.

At the end of the day when I look at you, it’s all worth it.

I know many of my peers are scared to be in my position, but you’ve made it so easy for me that I wonder why anyone would have a doubt. It is hard work, mind you. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve done.

With you, it’s different

Other than my parents and sister, I don’t think I’ve ever truly loved someone so unconditionally. In my eyes, you are perfect. But I know I have a big responsibility to shape you into a fine human. You didn’t come with a manual or a user guide. Everything is based on instinct and my best judgement of each situation. Am I right, or wrong? Am I doing the best for my child and my family with every decision I make? Should I go back to work or quit my job? I think every parent does question themselves.

But if the intentions are right there’s no right or wrong.

No matter how many siblings you get in future, you’ll always be my first born. Im not sure if I can ever love another like I love you. I now understand that term and the beauty associated with it. But you’ve made it easier for me to realise that there’s nothing I can’t do.

My heart is full of love and care for you every step of the way. I will always be there for you, no matter what. You make my hear smile and you take my breath away every moment of the day.

Thank you son for giving me more than words can ever describe. You are and will always be my #1!

To all my lovely readers, please go and tell your parents how much you love them. Sometimes we take them for granted but they can’t ever express how much they yearn to hear it from us. 

Much love, 

Mama Dee

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75 thoughts on “With you, it’s different

  1. Unconditional, selfless, pure it’s all the same kind of love we Mother’s have for our little ones. Your post speaks volume of the emotion motherhood is all about. Loved it.

  2. That is such a beautiful piece of writing Deepika. So pure, so true. Only a proud mama can write something like this.


      1. Beautiful!!!!this is pure,this is divine,this is innocent,this is so so adorable..loved your tenderness,fondness, compassion n care for your son💓really purest and honest ❤️in the whole universe.,.loved your post.

  3. Well written Pragatti, a mother’s love is unconditional. Actually a child teaches you what is unconditional love. My daughter asks me who do you love more – your mother or me, and I know what the answer is. A person who has grown out of me has to be the most special. I am sure my mother feels the same way about me. With our children – it’s different.

  4. I started my blog when my son was about 6 months old and your post reminded me of the endless things I wrote about him on it. We love all our kids but the first born is someone truly special. Beautiful post!

  5. Such a beautiful post Dee, and I loved it. indeed for a ,mom, their first born is most special and I loved the way you had expressed your emotions. #Vdayblogtrain

  6. With the birth of a child a mother is born! So the first born always retains its special stature in the life of a mother. Loved this honest, emotional and no filters post.

  7. Pure n conditional love embeds child n Mom and when we become Mom…then we realize the importance of our Mom who took so much of concern while raising us….beautifully penned

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