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Deepika PillaiJaipur has plenty of things to offer in terms of culture, activities, and sightseeing. It has managed to soak in and retain the Rajput history, and as Rajasthan’s capital city, will offer all the old world charm. Jaipur has some stunning forts and palaces, and some fantastic shopping options that offers beautiful ethnic wears.

With ethnicity comes a lot of royalty from Jaipur. This city has such magnificent forts, food, culture and so much that every traveler gets to enjoy more than he or she would have expected. In Jaipur you can explore the many markets and get yourself amazing local Rajasthani products to take back home that are kurtas, Jaipuri sandals, saris,etc. so, for knowing what we can love more in the place let’s have a look at what makes Jaipur a top choice for travellers.

Traditional Heritage Havelis Jaipur Rajasthan

If you love sightseeing and old architecture, you will be pleased with the different kinds and beautiful places (havelis) in Jaipur. Visiting them is a once-in a lifetime experience and you will get to see traditional Rajasthani artwork on walls of the places in Jaipur. Some of the palaces have been converted into hotels, there are others that are worth exploring. The most famous are the Amer Palace, the Jal Mahal and the Hawa Mahal. Many other hotels are built in a structure that resembles Havelis. The feeling of living a few days in Haveli type of hotel with all the vintage look and vibe will make you feel none other than the Royal person. I am biased towards The Oberoi RajvilasThe Oberoi Rajvilas, since that’s a company I worked for. The charm in the hotel is unbeatable. 

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Chokhi Dhani Village Resort in Jaipur

It is one of the best places to experience Rajasthani culture in Jaipur. Choki Dhani is a village resort that treats its guests to a traditional Rajasthani cultural experience. If you don’t want to travel too far away from the city, you can catch a few cultural performances at the Ravindra Manch in Jaipur.

Ghevar: Famous Sweets in Jaipur

Talking about Jaipur and not talking about the finger licking food then it will be a little unfair. When it comes to sweets, you should definitely not miss out on trying Ghevar in Jaipur. Ghevar is a typical Rajasthani sweet served and prepared during festivals, Ghevar is a disc-shaped sweet that is rich in flavor made of Ghee. There are literally so many types available in the market. The plain ghevar is made up of Mawa and Malai and is widely loved and sold. There are a few authentic shops in Jaipur so if you do not get time to visit them for ghevar, just order it online using the zomato promo code.

Jaipur Cultural Activities: Songs, Folk Dances 

Jaipur is particularly a city which takes up its culture damn seriously. And the best part of Jaipur’s culture is that they have so many types and varieties of culture. The tourists can enjoy a variety of cultural programs that are done on a daily basis. From traditional dance performances to Rajasthani folk music and host of other cultural programs, you need to get up-close and personal with Jaipur’s rich culture. 

Seven Gates of Jaipur

If you have looked around you will find the seven city gates of Jaipur at prominent locations. You know why? They all denote something. Sawai Raja Jai Singh II built these gates and he built them at the significant location because he uses to highly believe in the Indian Vastu-Purush-Mandala. These seven gates have given Jaipur the name the Walled City.

Food of Jaipur: Laal Maas

Laal Maas is a thick spiced gravy-based dish which is usually made with mutton but some variations offer chicken as well. It is literally a hit dish and very famous among the non-vegetarian eating folks of Jaipur. It is best when eaten with hot chapatis and words can’t explain the amazing taste. But remember, you need to have a high spice tolerance level if you wanted to try this out. You can get this tasty cuisine at your doorsteps with swiggy promo codes. It is a must try foodtype you should try in Jaipur.

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