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Should you take young kids to Niagara

Should you take kids to Niagara? The answer is yes. But read on to learn some important learnings that I can share from our own experience.

We were recently visiting family in Cleaveland and decided to do a one day road trip to Niagara Falls. Wasn’t the smartest idea and there’s many things I would’ve done differently.

Should you take young kids to Niagara?

1. Niagara State Park

Niagara Falls State Park with young kids
Niagara state park is great for kids. It’s smartest to have the kids enjoy here while parents take turns to go enjoy the falls.
It’s worth the investment to buy the Discovery Pass if you have the family with you. Explore each attraction at ease.

2. Maid of the Mist

Maid of the mist with young kids
Avoid young kids on Maid of the mist. Especially if they’re younger than 4-5 years of age, there’s no point in taking on the maid of the mist. They would just be annoyed with the water and the wind. It’s not that enjoyable for them and they don’t really appreciate nature’s wonder. If you can take turns to go on the boat.

3. Day trip or stay over

Maid of the mist
Stay a night. A Day trip with kids is not worth it. Plan a relaxed itinerary. Enjoy the park. You could try and visit the falls twice – once at night and once in the day.

4. Tickets

Purchase tickets online so you can literally walk through the gates. Arrive early in the day so you can spend the day there.

5. Other attractions near the falls

We missed doing the Lower Gorge as we had the kids with us. Can’t imagine taking either of them. Wish I could’ve gone alone to explore, but hey there’s always the next time.

As mentioned above, the state park itself has a lot of fun things to do.

6. Stroller

If you’re bringing your stroller on board, cover it with a poncho. Our little girl was cozied up inside the stroller but the outside cover was soaking wet. Ditch the stroller and use baby carriers if you will.

Check out the section on  Baby carriers.

Have you been to Niagara with kids? Do share your thoughts as well!

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