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Baby K’tan – review, features and usage

And I’m back with a baby carrier review! The Baby K’tan is a great baby carrier! It comes in a variety of colors and fabrics and is easy to wear. It is imperative to buy a well suited carrier, weather you plan on wearing it at home or outdoors. Here is a review of Baby carrier by Baby K’tan.

Pros of Baby K’tan

Father wearing a newborn baby in a comfortable baby k'tan baby carrier review

Light weight

The Baby K’tan is a super light weight and portable carrier. This makes it a great carrier to wear at home and for short outings. It can easily fit into a diaper bag and comes with it’s own sling bag. This is a very big plus for me and something I struggle with in full structured carriers. 


Dancing with a Baby K'tan - review baby carrier wrap
Danced with my little girl who was comfortable in her Baby K’tan baby carrier

Even though it is a wrap, it is very comfortable and secure. The fabrics are very breathable and the prints are cute too.

Easy to wear 

You don’t need two hands to put it on. It is easy to get into. Check out these easy tutorials for each position.

5 positions

This is one of the coolest features of the Baby K’tan that other wraps may not provide. Baby can be worn in whooping 5 positions! Depending on the baby and the wearer, you can experiment to make the most of the carrier.

Cons of Baby K’tan

Sizing makes it less durable

The biggest con for me is the sizing factor of the Baby K’tan. You need to be very specific of the size the wearer would be and the size the baby would be. We had the newborn baby carrier in size S, which fit my husband very well. But I was so big postpartum that it took me many many weeks to really get into the carrier with the baby. And then the baby was growing very quickly in the 3-4th month, which then made it too tight for us again. So this is quite a disadvantage for us.

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The MSRP is almost $70 which makes it quite expensive for a carrier that you would only use for a couple of months. However, I would think this is one of the best investments to get you through a summer. 

It needs to be learnt

It is not easy for any other care giver – like a grandparent or aunt to feel comfortable in. There is a learning curve in any wrap and more so in the Baby K’tan. However, it is still a bit easier than other traditional wraps. 

Father wearing newborn baby in Baby K'tan - review

My verdict – final review of Baby K’tan baby carrier

Baby K’tan makes for a style statement, as it is used by celebrities and influencers alike. But is it really worth the dollar? It is a great purchase once the baby is out of the newborn stage and the weight increase stabilizes a bit. In the newborn stage, it may just be usable for a couple of months. If your baby happens to be much bigger or smaller, or if you happen to add or shed a couple of extra pounds, the carrier may not be usable. I don’t think this is a good baby shower gift.

What are your thoughts on the Baby k’tan?

Much love, 

Mama Dee

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