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How to throw a surprise virtual party

We are in strange times as the entire world has shut down in this pandemic. But life still has to move on. We still have jobs to do, businesses to run, kitchens to function, kids to raise and babies to make! While throwing a big party may not be possible in the near future, we must still embrace precious moments in life and celebrate our loved ones. Throw a virtual surprise party for your friend or family member; make them feel special.

Throw a surprise virtual party in style

Surprise Virtual Baby shower Ideas
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to throw a surprise baby shower for my best friend who is half-way across the globe. She has been one of my closest since I was in Middle School and no matter where our lives take us, she has always been the one and only partner in crime, through thick & thin.

Steps I took to pull this off:

How to get started with organizing the surprise virtual party? Get in touch with the spouse/ family members

Speak with closest family members who can keep it a secret but still make things work. Spouses or parents who live with the guest of honor are your best

How to connect the participants? What are software options can I choose from?

Surprise virtual baby shower ideasDecide on what platform works best. The current most popular one is Zoom but there are plenty other options like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Webex etc etc. Do your research on what works best for your party. 

How do I get the vibe in the virtual party? Bring in a theme and decor

Surprise Virtual baby shower decor ideas If you intend to throw a good surprise virtual party, you will need to ensure that you can still bring in the feel of a party. Use Canva or other free software to create a virtual background that everyone can use. Ask all the attendees to dress up and bring in the party spirit. The more pumped up the participants, the more special the guest of honor will feel.

How should I organize food and drinks?

Make it clear that it is a party! Let the attendees have their choice of drink and food handy. Weather it is alcohol or non-alcoholic, let the spirit of the party be alive.

What games and music can we have?

This could be a detailed post in itself. I have SO many ideas! But some games that you can easily play:

  • Guess the baby (have the participants send you their respective baby photos and let the guest of honor try to guess who they are)
  • Let everyone participate in a quiz – this can be generic or specific to the guest of honor. 
  • Organize a simple song. Let one friend choreograph simple steps on a popular song (Eg Baby Shark in case of a baby shower or He’s a jolly good fellow for an Adult Birthday)
  • Share secrets or embarassing moments
Check out my playlist of baby shower videos

Special messages to close your surprise virtual party

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