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So the Oxford Dictionary defines Dexterous as: Showing or having skill, especially with the hands. And I do believe that the pen is mightier than the sword.

A 30 year old free-spirited, peripatetic, happy soul. I’m Amma to a wonderful 1 year old little human cub, Vivaan. And our complete man is my hugsband, Rohan. I’m a trained Indian classical dancer but have not danced in an eon! I’ve had some fun years working in Marketing, first in Luxury Hospitality and then in Retail. This is my year off from “work” to dedicate myself to raising  my baby. I am from India (always awkward at this – a part of me is from Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai). My husband and I lived in Dubai for a few years before moving to the US in 2016.

Aesthete. Conversationalist. Culture vulture. Travel junkie. Ex-hotelier. Dancer. Loving the last bit of 20’s. Wife to a wonderful hugsband. New mom. Hakuna Matata!

This is me, Dee.

Join me as I explore life, one journey at a time @DEExterous.

Drop in a note for your comments, feedback, associations or just to say Hi!


Times of Amma – Moms who blog

Our tribe travels – Favorite family blogger

First moms club – Seasoned traveler


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